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Just in time for PaizoCon last weekend, the Fattest Goblin was able to get a special project done from the twisted minds of Eric Hindley and the lovely Kalyna Conrad <NOTE: no less twisted, arguably more> -- Welcome to the Fungal Kingdom: An 8-Bit Adventure!

8-Bit Adventures is a new bookline from Fat Goblin Games that is a fun, parody take on classics of the 8-Bit Videogame Era, showing the connected designs of those early games and tabletop roleplaying games. Many see some kind of divide between tabletop and video consoles, but you can find a rich connection going back easily to this time period. Now that sounds almost 'academic' so let me have Eric "sell" this a bit to you...

Welcome to 8-Bit Adventures! Do you yearn for a simple time, when video games scrolled right and you only had to deal with 2 buttons at a time? An era when blocky, colorful, vaguely recognizable shapes made up heroes that battled odd and often confusing villains with little to no context? Then Fat Goblin Games has you covered!

This product line is designed to take a nostalgic look at the iconic video games of the past and bring those adventures to life in your campaigns in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with all new options. Each volume will include monsters, magic items and maybe more! The names have been changed, but the flavor remains the same to ensure that the references are easy to see. Each volume will describe a different game world, each inspired by a classic game sure to inspire nostalgia in even the most hardened of veterans.

With Welcome to the Fungal Kingdom, we take on arguably THE CLASSIC of the era, with a tale wherein the PCs are called into the world of Princess Persyk whom is going to run into trouble with the Turtle Legion. Along the way, characters have a chance to get interesting and wonderful loot like...

Stoneskin Star
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Slot none; Price 2,650 gp; Weight none
This star-shaped charm grants its wearer temporary reprieve from
damage and the ability to knock their foes aside. When snapped, the user
gains DR 15/adamantine, a +4 bonus to bull rush
checks, and deals damage to any creature that attacks him. When
a creature attacks the user, they suffer damage equal to whatever
damage was blocked by the user’s DR. These effects last for 7 rounds.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Items, stoneskin, fire shield; Cost 1,450 gp

As well as the chance to stomp Turtle Soldiers, Evil Fungi, and with our recent expansion, you can even play as a one of The Fungifolk!

Here's a little about the hardworking fungifolk...


The fungifolk are a peace-loving, slow-moving people that want little more than to farm their homeland, the Fungal Kingdom, and grow in relative quiet and prosperity. Many of their people enjoy crafting, especially odd magical items like the enlarging mushroom or ever popular firethrowing flower. Others enjoy a semi-nomadic life as trainers and ranchers of hungry dinos, a domesticated breed of magical beast found in the Fungal Kingdom. Most fungifolk care so little for high-falutin concepts like “governance” or “politics” that they almost universally accepted rule by the human Princess Persyk just to be free of the burdens of it.

And the book includes not only the full racial write-up, in the style of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide, but some character options like this new fungifolk discovery for the alchemist class!

 Anti-fungal Bomb*: These poisonous bombs clear away fungus, slimes, and molds, dealing extra damage to these types of plant creatures. When the mold manipulator creates a bomb, they can choose to have it deal extra damage against fungus creatures but less damage against other creatures. Against creatures with the plant type that are fungus-like, an anti-fungal bomb deals 1d8 points of damage, plus 1d8 points of damage for every odd-numbered level the mold manipulator possesses, instead of 1d6. Against all other creatures, the anti-fungal bomb only deals 1d4 points of damage, plus 1d4 points of damage for every odd-numbered level, instead of 1d6. This is a poison effect that can affect plant creatures. An anti-fungal bomb kills all normal fungus, slimes, and molds in the target's square and its splash area; any fungus-based difficult terrain in the affected area becomes normal terrain. Anti-fungal bombs then are always treated as effective against common dungeon hazards like brown mold, green slime, shriekers, and yellow mold, regardless of what kind of damage normally only affects them.

We have a LOT more planned as we've only just begun a trip down memory lane, and while you can expect to see us triangulating on another legendary classic that links to this era about another oddly-named princess, we'd love to hear what you might want to see NEXT?

Lucus Palosaari, Editor & Project Manager at Fat Goblin Games (Like us on Facebook!)

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  • Skeeve says...

    So, I picked up the Fungal Kingdom book a while ago, and was actually quite impressed with the production value. I’m looking forwards to the next release.

    Do you have any idea, tentative or otherwise, on when the Legend of, um… Legend of ‘Hilda’ book is coming out? And if you’re looking for ideas after that, River City Rampage or a certain Square property (you know, the Last Fantasy one) would make for good sourcebooks after that.

    May 14, 2017

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