8-Bit Adventures: New Year, New Us

Happy New Years!

Welcome back to 8-Bit WedNESday. It’s the beginning of a new year, so, in today’s blog, I’m going to cover some stats from last year, and talk a bit about what’s on our plate for 2018.



Last year, I (Ben Dowell) had over 4,400 sales of products. Not too shabby. I wrote and released 12 new products last year too. That’s one a month, which is also considered a very good amount of writing. While all of those numbers sound great, I can also say that in actual money, not so great. I’m not exactly sure how much it breaks down to per hour, but, it was less than two weeks at my low paying day job. I’m pretty sure I put more hours into everything than that. Let’s put all that behind us though. We’ve got better things to talk about.



The 8-Bit Adventures line of books is expensive to produce. Writers have to be paid, but, the books are also art intensive. The Fattest Goblin fills these books with new art, which he can rarely (if ever) re-use, or sell independently as stock art. I’m working with the boss on how we can make his art more valuable, perhaps, by spreading the 8-Bit Adventures line into other gaming systems. As some of you know, I also have written a number of adventures for our vs. M Engine books, and would like to see the 8-Bit line done as one of our card-based RPG. Fat Goblin Games also has another RPG system written in house, the Difference Engine, which I haven’t tried yet, but, 8-Bit may also be released there. It’s all above my pay grade, and just options we’re talking about right now.

If you haven't tried our vs. Stranger Stuff RPG, follow the link above for the FREE rules.


There’s going to be a couple other changes in the works too. For starters, The Fattest Goblin wants to expand and re-brand the 8-Bit Adventures line. No, we’re not adding 16-Bit Adventures to the line-up. Back in 2014, Fat Goblin Games released Movie Monster Matinee, and like 8-Bit, it took classic movie monsters and made RPG creatures out of them.  Movie Monster Matinee and 8-Bit Adventures are going to get blended together into the new line. So, in the future (once the written and approved books are done) you’ll start seeing the new line. It’s so new; we don’t even have a name for it yet! (I suggested Media Mash-Up or Popfinder.) The Fattest Goblin would like to put out this new line on a monthly basis, which means we’ll have to get some more people working on books. If you’re interested in becoming a writer for Fat Goblin Games, just follow the easy instructions here. Heck, I can do it, you can too!


I Need Something Cool, Now!

You know what’s cool, at least to me? 8-Bit Adventures: Space Bounty Hunters and 8-Bit Adventures: Legend of Heroes  are both available for print now! I know, I pimped these books last week too, and you’re probably sick of it, but this is cool. Writers like having books with their names on it on the shelves. It’s also an easy way for me to share what I’ve written with my gaming group, some of which probably can’t afford the PDFs. Aaaaand being printed also means that you might be able to find these in stores soon. So, if you want to support your local gaming store, Fat Goblin Games, and lil’ ol’ me, let your game store know that Studio 2 Publishing is our distributor, and that you’d like to order these fine books from them.


That’s it for this week. I don’t have anything planned for next week, so prepare yourselves for some mad rambling.

Your pixilated GM,

8-Bit Ben



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