Adventure in the Fungal Kingdom

Recappipping my Fungal Kingdom Game

The following is a recount of running my group through some of 8-Bit Adventures: Welcome to the Fungal Kingdom. At the time, we were playing Paizo's Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure path, Iron Gods. When we didn't have enough players for the AP, they found themselves in the Fungal Kingdom. - 8-Bit Ben

Our players were Ocran the human fire sorcerer, Emil the tiefling rogue, and Lily the gnome ranger with her Tasmanian tiger companion. The party is level 4, and without any healers.

Exploring the ruins beneath Torch in Numeria, the party accesses a room that had been hidden within the rubble. This room had been pierced by dark blue stone. On the ground, near a large green pipe, two tattered skeletons were found. One, likely a dwarf, wore the moldering remains of red leather armor. Near him, a taller body, perhaps a human or half-elf, wore blue and green robes, ravaged by age. From within the pipe, a voice was heard, calling on heroes to save the kingdom once again.

Our party travelled through the pipe, finding themselves in a strange land of blue skies, rolling green hills, and trees that looked like giant mushrooms. They were greeted by Princess Apple of the Fungal Kingdom. Her kingdom of quint farmers and sentient mushroom people were under attack from the Turtle King. His turtle troops were marching the land, and the princess needed their help.

The party agreed, and found themselves guests of the princess in her castle. There, they were challenged by Captain Gill, head of the Fungi-Folk guard. He challenged them all to feats of strength and dexterity, which he failed at horribly. As a reward, he supplied the the victors with enlarging mushrooms. Later that evening, a feast was held in honor of the strangers, whom had agreed to help the Fungi-Folk rid their lands of the Turtle King's minions.

During the night, a massive explosion rocked the castle. The party ran downstairs to find one of the Turtle King's son's abducting the princess. Turtle troopers intercepted the party, while the Princeling made his escape. The turtle forces were defeated, but the party needed rest before they gave chase to the Turtle King's airship.

The party travelled through the Evil Woods, facing off with man-eating plants, maniac mushrooms, and finally faced a giant man-eating plant, which was busy trying to eat some sort of dinosaur. The party came to the rescue, the sorcerer using his fire magic, and the ranger wielding her flaming war hammer. They made quick work of the prodigious plant, and befriended the dinosaur.

"Feed me!"

At the Fiery Plains, the heroes encountered a cluster of lava plumes and heavily armored, black beetles. The bugs were immune to the sorcerer's fire magic, and extremely difficult to hurt with weapons. The party dodged through the lava plumes, reaching the other side, where and old gate blocked the path. While the rogue worked on the locks, the dinosaur ate one of the beetles and had to spit the empty shell out. With the locks picked, the group headed into the Fiery Plains propper.

The trip across the blasted wastelands was hot. Undead turtles rose from the sands and the group engaged in battle. The party defeated the skeletons, but the creatures rose up again, and again! The group had to flee to avoid the undead. Hours into their trip, the barely reached an oasis before the Dino collapsed from heat exhaustion. At the Oasis, the party spotted a carnivorous flower, drooling a fluid like alchemists fire. While it resisted fire damage, it was still a plant, and the fire sorcerer and flaming war hammer made quick work of it. The party even found a Stoneskin Star in the plant's pipe.

The party rested a few days at the oasis, the hungry dino unable to take the desert heat. Eventually they had to move on though. They fought through more turtle troops, the rogue making sneak attacks against the shelled opponents, while the fire spells cooked them in their shells. Ahead of them, the Turtle King's airship was anchored at a small, stone shack.

I'm King of the Koo-, uh, TURTLES!

The party heard the Princeling inside the Hut, and kicked the door in. There, he laughed at them all clustered near the door, and he fireballed the group. This was enough to kill the dinosaur, and heavily injure the ranger and her tiger. The Tasmanian tiger rushed in, and clamped down on the giant turtle's hand, crushing it in it's jaws. The party got in on the fight, striking fast, and hard. The Princeling, unable to cast spells with his ruined hand tried biting the Tasmanian tiger, but failed. Suffering heavier injuries, the Turtle used his staff, knocking almost everyone to the ground and deafening them. He blew a hole in the wall and escaped to the waiting airship.

Not giving up, the ranger and thief gave chase, while the sorcerer had a hard time getting to his feet, and then casting spells while deaf. The Princeling hung to the rope ladder of the airship, while the rogue and ranger begun climbing up as well. The turtle swung his tail, trying to knock his pursuers off the ladder as the airship accended. The ranger, unable to hang on, fell 40 feet to the ground. She managed to survive the fall. The thief attempted attacking the Princeling, but found it too hard to do while hanging on for dear life. The sorcerer, finally outside and no longer deaf, fired one last, desperate magic missle. It struck the Princeling, sending him falling from the airship's ladder. The 60 foot fall, and the spells, were more than enough to kill the Turtle King's son.

The thief had to leap from the airship's ladder, and rolled to a stop on the ground. There, the woman being held in the hut revealed herself as the Fire Hag, a Fungi-Folk witch. She led the party to her well, which was a cleverly disguised green pipe. The Princeling was trying to discover more about these ancient pipes, and how they traveled to different worlds. Perhaps he was trying to gain access to these other realms for more power. Princess Apple is still being held by the Turtle King, and surely he'll want revenge against the party for killing his son. Perhaps the green pipes will once again call the party to help the Fungal Kingdom, or some other world in need, but for now, Numeria needs its fledgling heroes.


So, what are your experiences with the 8-Bit Adventures line?

That's all I've got for now folks,

8 Bit-Ben


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