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That old adage of "a picture tells a 1,000 words" is overused for a reason -- pictures DO instantly "sell" your idea in a way that all the fancy words just can't. And, it does it much faster and easier. But almost every publisher runs into the same issue -- how do you afford great art and still release a product for a reasonable rate? Commissioning original work gets expensive, though is well worth it. You can buy stock art for gaming, and there's a reason Fat Goblin Games is the #1 seller of Stock Art on DriveThurRPG and RPGNow --> The Fattest Goblin knows what people want and knows how to deliver it. And then another common option for people is to rely on Public Domain art.

Now, this stuff exists in many places -- and you're of course welcome to go and try to find your own pieces BUT just because you can find something that looks neat, doesn't mean its ready for use in your PDF, or even worse, in your Print-on-Demand. You NEED high quality images, you NEED them to be a high enough DPI, with clean lines and good detail. You can find a lot of pieces, and even clean them up yourself -- or you can buy 450+ pieces "ready to go" from the Fattest Goblin Himself...


Publisher's Choice - Quality Stockart

Fantasy Collection - Over 450 Quality Public Domain Images

This collection of Public Domain stock art has been hand-picked and presented in this massive download for you to use in your own products. Now, we didn't just grab some public domain art and toss it together, each image has been adjusted, modified, cleaned, and prepped for your use. You can expect the following;

  • Images are divided into 7 categories (color illustrations, creatures, environments, figures, graphics, illustrations, items)
  • All images are 300dpi tiffs
  • All images have been cleaned up, touched up, ready for use.
  • All images are presented at their max recommended usage size (many of which are 8x10)
  • All images have been hand-picked for their usability, uniqueness, and overall quality.

Publisher's Choice Stockart is provided to aid new publishing companies in creating high-quality publications by providing the design essentials to compete with larger competitors. In addition, the line is perfect for adding fresh new content to the seasoned publisher's art library and aiding in keeping design budgets manageable.

Artwork License: A PDF copy of our license is included, allowing our customers to alter or modify any illustration in this set, in addition to rules on crediting, etc.

As specified above, the 450+ pieces are broken down into 7 categories. To give you an idea what those are and look like:

Color Iillustrations



Both of these images just inspire clear moments of a warrior on his way to danger, or a terrible to scene to walk in on while going to visit a cleric about a matter...


Great images of classic beasts from lore and myth like these two gryphons are included and could be used for an adventure, or just as easily in your bestiary or even for a gazetteer entry (what do these two sentinels guard?)...


This could easily be the kindly kings domain, or the vampire's castle in the hills, to even the home manor of the lord or lady the characters of your game are playing...

...and next door, you can find majestic scenes like this waterfall...


From classic figures like this knight-in-shining-armor... more eccentric figures like this curious fellow, you can spark your imagination just by looking at the images(prompting questions like -- what army would ever willingly employ someone so "equipped"?)...


Graphics like these are great ways to add a simple image to the top of a page or make into an icon to help divide the "adventure' from the "preamble" etc. or...

...other graphics like this one can be used to make a page design with a little work in Photoshop to make impressive sidebars, etc...


Entire books could be based on illustrations like this, or you could zoom in on (since they are large and high quality images) and crop out just a single warrior or part of the scene, or look at...

... and hold your hand up to show only a a single slice at a time -- a saddened woman, a man arguing, a marching group, a trio of warriors, men sitting on a wall watching something, and a congregation of elders -- all in one image! All available to be plucked out and used together or apart...


And finally exquisite item images like this collection of warrior's kit.


 A Note of Clarification RE: Public Domain and License

You may see in the description we call these "Public Domain" images, but then we include a license. We want it to be clear that Rick or someone else at Fat Goblin Games didn't draw any of these images, and that they are all taken from Public Domain sources, BUT Rick did heavily modify them to meet quality standards he sets for his stock art, and his specific collection of the pieces and the "collective works" license he included protects against you simply grabbing these exact versions of all the same pieces in exactly the same way and releasing your own version that undercuts his directly. Feel free to ask if you have any kinds of questions.


These are just a fraction of all the images available in super high quality. I think everyone should go pick up a copy today.

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