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A new Thursday, and a new blog post -- only, not exactly. One of my last blogs on our old site (see this post about having to make a new site) was a review of Call to Arms and the books we'd released with a kind of shoutout to the Reviewer Extraordinaire, Endzeitgeist (see his website heresupport his Patreon here) and his excellent reviews of the Call to Arms books.

In its original form, it was meant to be one, very long post. Due to the limitations of the old site, it was broken up into two parts arbitrarily. Here, I'm going to very purposefully break it into three sections -- A Review of CtAs I Wrote, and A Review of CtAs Written by the Goblin Hoarde, & A Preview of CtAs Coming Out Soon (this blog).

A Preview of Call to Arms, To Be Written by The Goblin Hoarde

So, we've had some really great books come out in the Call to Arms line (reviewed well by Endzeitgeist!) -- what's next?

Call to Arms: Societal Masks

First up, Jacob W. Michaels, author of Call to Arms: Ceremonial Masks, has the next in the line for Call to Arms: Societal Masks -- which will include support for the new Vigilante class and other "intrigue-games" from the new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Intrigue. This book will include the normal mix of new mundane masks that help you in day-to-day life or enjoy the festivities, to new magical masks that protect you from harm, keep your identity hidden, or just look super cool. Call to Arms: Societal Masks also includes new suggestions for using masks in social situations, going so far as to include the NPCs and write ups needed to play out an intrigue-ladened masquerade ball!


Call to Arms: Horses & Mules

After Jacob's book, we'll have a new one which is going to be the first in a series from Jennifer R. Povey, author of CLASSified: Hussar, all focused on horses and the gear they need from bits and bridles, to bags and saddles, to even barding, etc. Call to Arms: Horses & Mules. In this new book, the animals are the equipment, and so you'll be introduced (with full stat blocks) to a variety of mundane horses, mules, jackasses (and not just the ones I work with), as well as "magical" horses like unicorns & pegasus, as well as Call to Arms lines' trademark cursed, mythical, and even artifact "horses" for your characters. It will also feature a reprint of the Hussar class with some added features and adjustments specific to the book (just as future Call to Arms in this horse-line will include new options for the various horse-riding classes). The mundane section also includes extensive rules for how to care for your animal, in game mechanics and real-life. 

Call to Arms: Rapiers

After Jennifer's book, I'll be turning my attention to the manuscript submitted by Scott Gladstein of Little Red Goblin Games fame. While Scott manages his own publisher, he answered our Open Call back last January because he has had extensive experience in fighting with rapiers and similar blades for reenactment in SCA and fencing and felt they could use the Call to Arms treatment. While the title implies a single weapon in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, I think you'll find Scott's extensive review of the evolution of the blade and expansion to this "favorite weapon" of many a swashbuckler or duelist quite enticing!

Call to Arms: Astonishing Technology

Following up from his previous Call to Arms: Fantastic Technology and written to support the CLASSified: Technopath base class fully, Garrett Guillotte's next great technology book should be coming out shortly after Scott's book. In Call to Arms: Astonishing Technology, Garrett's hoping to 'dive deeper' into the crossover of magic and machine, offering up expanded rules for a style of play that so many ask for but few have done, and answering the question -- "In a world full of magic, would it replace technology?"

Call to Arms: Daisho

After "getting-our-tech-on," we'll be looking back to the ancient past and crossover a bit into my roll as lead on Steampunk Musha with Jeffrey Swank's Call to Arms: Daisho. The concept of the Japanese daisho (大小) is the pairing of a "big" and a "small" sword, commonly thought of as a katana and a wakizashi, but MANY, MANY other options exist. Expect to see quite a bit coming down the pipe soon from Jeffrey, as he's been working on an expansion to our Return of the Drow line....

Call to Arms: Decks of Cards

And I'm going to cap off this preview with something new from someone new -- Jessie Staffler's Call to Arms: Decks of Cards. Jessie is fairly new to the biz, but he's turned over some really great new and expanded options for the iconic Deck of Many Things, as well as well as numerous other mundane, magical, cursed, intelligent, mythic, and artifact level decks of cards!

The exact order is likely to change a little, but this covers the next six or so books planned in the Call to Arms line. Expect to see Call to Arms: Societal Masks sometime soon in May!

This blog-post was Part III in a series of three related blogs. See Part I here, where I review all the Call to Arms I've personally written and Endzeitgeist's reviews of them, and see Part II in the series here, where I review those Call to Arms written by The Goblin Hoarde.

Lucus Palosaari, Editor & Project Manager at Fat Goblin Games (Like us on Facebook!)

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