A Brief History of New Europa: 1875

Ten days of New Europan history continues. Today, we look at a list of events which occurred in 1875! Please bear in mind, this is a brief summary and certainly does not touch on every single possible event.

Political and Business Events of Consequence in 1875

  • Kwang Hsu becomes Emperor of China.
  • The Herzegovina Uprising begins and spreads to Bosnia. This will lead to a series of wars involving the Ottoman Empire and the Great Eastern Crisis.
  • Prince of Wales visits India.
  • Isma'il Pasha sells the Egyptian and Sudanese shares of the Suez Canal Company to the United Kingdom in order to raise funds to help pay off some of Egypt's national debt.
  • The first Kentucky Derby is held.
  • The Palace Hotel opens in San Francisco and Emperor Norton I takes up residence there.

Theatrical and Literary Events of Consequence in 1875

  • Folklorist and Faerie friend Hans Christian Anderson dies.
  • Poet Eduard Morike dies.
  • Gabrielle Rejane debuts at the Theatre Vaudeville in Paris.
  • Mark Twain publishes "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", based on a combination of events of his childhood and the stories told to him by Thomas Sawyer, a firefighter and hero in San Francisco.
  • Henry James publishes "Transatlantean Sketches".
  • The Divine Sarah Bernhardt begins her world tour.

Academic and Philosophical Events of Consequence in 1875

  • Mary Baker Eddy publishes "Science and Health", a text which will lead to the founding of the Christian Science movement.
  • Emile Laveleye publishes "Le Protestantisme et le Catolicisme", an argument that Protestantism affords society more advancement in prosperity, knowledge, and freedom.
  • As part of the Kulturkampf, Prussia abolishes all Catholic orders except those which specifically care for the infirm.

Artistic and Musical Events of Consequence in 1875

  • French painter Corot dies.
  • French painter J.F. Millet dies.
  • Menzel's "The Steel Mill" debuts.
  • Monet's "Boating at Argenteuil" debuts.
  • Bizet's "Carmen" premieres in Paris. Its breaking of norms shocks and scandalizes. It goes on to become one of the most popular operas of all time.
  • Gilbert and Sullivan's "Trial by Jury" premieres.
  • Karl Goldmark's "Die Kongin von Saba" premieres in Vienna.
  • Tchaikovsky's "Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 23" premieres in Boston.

Scientific and Technological Events of Consequence in 1875

  • A Bayernese expedition begins excavating Olympia in Greece.
  • Lecoq de Boisbaudran discovers gallium. Dwarves are quite excited and begin experimenting with the substance.
  • Schliemann publishes "Troy and Its Ruins" after having his permission to dig in Troy revoked by the Turkish government.
  • Darwin publishes "Descent of Faerie", attempting to apply the principles of evolution to the Fae. Most of his work is wrong, although his speculations on how Faerie blood affects human descendants is quite accurate.
  • Edison Labs invents the mimeograph.

Unusual Events of Consequence in 1875

  • Helena Blavatasky becomes Grandmaster of the Theosophic Masters of the White Lodge. In a bold and controversial move, she founds an off-shoot known as the Theosophical Society, which allows members who are not Sorcerers.
  • Captain Matthew Webb is the first person to swim across the English Channel without the use of artificial aids. It took him 21 hours and 45 minutes.
  • The events later recorded in "Dracula" by Bram Stoker occur.

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