A Brief History of New Europa: 1879

Ten days of New Europan history continues. Today, we look at a list of events which occurred in 1879! Please bear in mind, this is a brief summary and certainly does not touch on every single possible event.

Political and Business Events of Consequence in 1879

  • Anglo-Zulu War is fought.
  • Alexander of Battenberg is elected Prince Alexander I of Bulgaria.
  • The Treaty of Gabdamak officially ends the Second Anglo-Afghan War.
  • Tewfik Pasha replaces his father, Ismail Pasha, as Khedive of Egypt.
  • The Tay Bridge disaster in Scotland occurs. Fifty-nine known victims died, although only forty-six bodies were recovered.
  • The War of the Pacific begins after Chile claims the Atacama Desert as territory, which is also claimed by Bolivia. Peru is drawn in as Bolivia's ally.
  • The Le Train Blue (Orient Express) begins service from Calais to Rome.

Theatrical and Literary Events of Consequence in 1879

  • Charles de Coster, Sorcerer, epic poet, and historical romanticist dies in Belgium.
  • Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House" premieres, shocking the world with its frank depictions of the lack of opportunities for self-fulfillment suffered by many married women in the world.
  • Henry James publishes "Daisy Miller".
  • George Meredith publishes "The Egoist", another novel looking at the difficulties women face in modern society.
  • Robert Louis Stevenson publishes "Travels with a Donkey", one of his earliest works, describing his twelve day journey hiking through the Cevennes mountains.
  • August Strindberg publishes "The Red Room", a satire of Stockholm society.
  • Juan Valera y Alcala-Galiano publishes Dona Luz.
  • George Washington Cable publishes "Old Creole Days", a collection of his short stories depicting life in the Free State of New Orleans.
  • Harrigan and Hart premiere "Mulligan's Guard's Ball" in New York.

Academic and Philosophical Events of Consequence in 1879

  • Henry George publishes "Progress and Poverty".
  • Robert Giffen publishes "Essay on Finance".
  • The National Committee of Organised Labour is established to promote old-age pensions in Britian.
  • The public is granted unrestricted admission to the British Museum for the first time.

Artistic and Musical Events of Consequence in 1879

  • Bastien-Lepage debuts the "Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt".
  • French painter Honore Daumier dies.
  • Rodin's sculpture "John the Baptist" debuts.
  • Millocker's "Grafin Dubarry" premiers in Vienna.
  • Suppe's "Boccaccio" premiers in Vienna.
  • Tchaikovsky's "Eugen Onegin" premiers in Moscow.
  • Mary Cassat debuts "The Cup of Tea".
  • Manet debuts "Dragon Walking at St. Reims".

Scientific and Technological Events of Consequence in 1879

  • The first electric tram is exhibited by E.W. Siemens at the Berlin Trade Exhibition.
  • Fahlberg and Remser discover saccharin.
  • Nilson discovers scandium.
  • London's first telephone exchange is established.
  • Frozen meat from Australia goes on sale in London.
  • Edison's workshop creates the first electric light bulb practical for mass production.
  • Pavlov publishes his studies on animal behavior.
  • Arc lamps are installed in San Francisco.

Unusual Events of Consequence in 1879

  • Joseph Mason, a hermit wanted by the law for failing to support his estranged wife, uses a small army of trained rats to attack the officer sent to track him down.
  • Walter Hubbell publishes his account of the haunting of Esther Cox, a young woman native to Amherst Canada.
  • The "bosom ring", small rings pierced through the nipples, become popular among women in France.

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