A genuine, bona fide, steamified, four-car Monorail!

Forgive my tardiness, friends! I am afraid the celebration of my birthday delayed Falkenstein Friday until today. So, without further ado, may I present Falkenstein Friday (on a Monday)!

Among the materials sent across the Faerie Veil by Captain Tom Olam and entrusted to me by R. Talsorian Games were a number of odd newsletters entitled the Journal of Scientific Obscura. I was intrigued and so read further.

The JoSO, as it turned out, is dedicated to "those scientists who dare to live on the fringes of the societal norms, refusing to give way to the monolithic tyranny of government and industry". Each issue focuses around a different topic and seeks to inspire the mad scientists of the world by chronicling unusual inventions and machines which, despite the protests of those in power, have been built and have thrived! Or, at least, so the Journal's reporters and editors have written.

Currently, I am hard at work transcribing the first Journal of Scientific Obscura to release as part of Fat Goblin Games' Castle Falkenstein line. It deals entirely with fixed track vehicles and presents alternatives (or improvements) to the simple steam locomotive. 

The elevated monorail leaving Exeter

Of course, Captain Olam did a bit of work to adapt the contents of the Journal to his Great Game. In addition to providing us details on eight different fixed track vehicles, this installment will also be providing us a glimpse into locomotives as vehicles with full statistics. Also published with the issue will be rules involving speed and handling for vehicles of all kinds, not just fixed tracked ones.

I do hope everyone enjoys!

Your humble servant,

J Gray

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