A Handleful of Humble Requests

Curious Creatures and The Tarot Variation are now for sale! With these two books, Castle Falkenstein has been revived and represent what we hope to be the beginning of a long and glorious return.

However, and please forgive the shouting I am about to do,


I cannot stress this enough. Our love for Castle Falkenstein started this project but it is your love for the Great Game which can keep it going. Money made on selling Castle Falkenstein books is reinvested into the line and allows us to create more Castle Falkenstein books. If you, like we ourselves do, want to see the line grow and flourish your assistance is required. There's a number of actions you can take to help:

First, of course, is to buy the books if you have not already. Sales are our surest indicator that there's a market for Castle Falkenstein. The more sales there are, the better the Fattest Goblin's return on his investment in the line and the more books he will allow us to produce.

Second, you can review the books. I cannot emphasis this enough. Please, leave a review for our books if you have read them. It can be a few sentences or a few paragraphs but your opinion can help those on the fence decide of Curious Creatures or The Tarot Variation are right for them. We do not ask you to lie, of course. Your honest opinion matters and your feedback, be it glowing or critical, helps us craft better book in the future. Either way, reviews are our lifeblood and we humbly beg for them.

Finally, please, tell your friends. Perhaps they played Castle Falkenstein back in the '90s and are unaware new material is being produced. Perhaps they simply love steampunk and do not know the greatest steampunk game ever made is ready for them to play. Feel free to point out the original core rulebook is still for sale in digital form. Remember, the best publicity any small publisher can receive is word of mouth and a good review from a trusted reader.

Your support is paramount for Castle Falkenstein's survival. The statement may sound melodramatic but it is true. 

Your humble servant,

J Gray


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  • Phil says...

    For a review in Casus Belli, the French RPG magazine :

    Please contact :

    October 11, 2016

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