A Joyous Holiday Season to You!

Happy holidays, fans of Falkenstein! In celebration of the season we at Fat Goblin Games would like to present an official (and free!) lore book to add to your Castle Falkenstein campaign. This lore book does not belong to any Order but can be found, or given as a reward, to any Sorcerer.


The Skull of Saint Nicholas

History and Secret Knowledge: According to legend, the spells which have been printed in this slim volume were originally found, mysteriously carved, on the skull of Saint Nicholas by Greek Orthodox monks tending his grave in 1086. They carefully transcribed the spells, after which the words and symbols vanished from the saint's remains. Today, the spells are most often printed along with poetry and short stories in a chapbook, which is still given the title The Skull of Saint Nicholas. It remains a popular holiday gift for Sorcerers of all stripes. It contains book contains the following spells.

Oh Lord, Ease My Burden (4♦) reduces the weight of a container and its contents for a period of time, making it easier to lift and haul, although it does not change how awkward larger or unusually shaped objects may be to carry.

From the Braggart to the Meek (6♦) transposes the contents of two containers (such as two purses) with each other. Of course, if one container is too small to hold the contents of the other container, it will likely burst open and the items inside might be damaged.

Blessed by thy Bounty (4♦) might be the oddest of the three spells contained in The Skull of Saint Nicholas. It allows the Sorcerers to fill an empty container (and it must be empty) with an abundance of a single citrus fruit of their choice.


From every member of the Fat Goblin Games team, we wish you and your's the most wonderful of holidays!

Your humble servant,

J Gray

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