A New Year of Falkenstein Begins!

Hello, Friends of Falkenstein! I hope this new year finds each of you in good spirits and in good health. Thank you for journeying with us at Fat Goblin Games into another full year of our license for Castle Falkenstein.

For this Falkenstein Friday, I shall perform a status report on current projects and ask an important question. I really would appreciate an answer from as many people who can provide one. Feedback and communication represents the lifeblood of any roleplaying game line.

First! Miss Peril's Guide to Paris, our sourcebook for the Paris of New Europa is roughly 1/3rd of the way through "transcription" from Miss Peril and Captain Olam's notes. Julien Pirou and I are taking our time to make sure the information we provide is both entertaining and accurate.

Second is The Council of Oddities: Automatons, a sourcebook which will introduce both "The Council of Oddities", a secret organization of "monsters" and the ability for Players to adopt Automatons as Dramatic Characters. This book is roughly halfway through "transcription".

Next, in the Variations line, I have had requests to move The Six-Sided Variation, our alternate rules for playing Castle Falkenstein with (GASP!) dice to the front of the queue. The rules have been heavily playtested at this point so I do believe they are ready for a final transcription and release.

Finally! I am pleased to announce the second of the Adventure Entertainments originally published the Adventures Unlimited magazine has come into our possession. Ms. Nicole Lindroos, perhaps best known for her leadership position at Green Ronin Publishing, has gracefully granted us permission to republish To Keep a Secret, her Adventure Entertainment from Adventures Unlimited as a stand alone product. We will, of course, be performing a few edits to bring the syntax of this excellent Adventure Entertainment to fit the style first introduced in Firearms and Margarine. In addition, we are taking the opportunity to add information and ideas for Adventure Entertainments run during that most Victorian of events, the Ball!

When To Keep a Secret reaches publication, Fat Goblin Games will have released a total of three short Adventure Entertainments (the other two being Babbage's Engine and The Black Lady of Brodick Castle). By themselves, these three modules are not large enough to be made available in print but as a compilation this would become possible.

So, my question to you, Friends of Falkenstein is this: Would you like a print compilation of these three short Adventure Entertainments? Please let us know! 

Your humble servant,

J Gray

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