A Word About Variations

Castle Falkenstein has a history of offering flexibility of rules by making options available to the Host and Players. For example, the Greater Harm and Danger rules found in Comme il Faut are quite popular for speeding up game play while the focus item rules in Book of Sigils and the spellslinger rules in Sixguns and Sorcery offer exciting new ideas for spellcasters in New Europa.

Of course, we at Fat Goblin Games intend to continue that tradition! For example, we introduced rules for familiars in Curious Creatures and rules for used tarot cards in place of normal playing cards for sorcery decks in The Tarot Variation. In fact, response to The Tarot Variation has been so strong we've decided to expand the concept into an entire thematic sub-line of products within the Castle Falkenstein line.

The Second Tarot Variations is already done and awaiting final approval. With this book, Players will be able to replace normal playing cards with tarot cards in the Fortune Deck. Major Arcana cards will change the play of the game, allowing for new elements of strategy and storytelling.

Other ideas we have for down the line include The Abilities Variation, which will offer new and expanded rules for Abilities in Castle Falkenstein, including the use of Specialties, ways to apply different card suits to an Ability Feat, and more codified rules for advancement of Abilities. We are exploring other possible optional rule expansions down the line as well, including ones for Feats, Magick, crafting, and Duels.

I do want to stress these rules are all optional. Our intent is to deliver modular, optional rules which will plug directly into the Great Game at the choice of the Host and Players and allow them to customize the game to their tastes.

Your humble servant.

J Gray

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