Another Peek at Curious Creatures

Hello and welcome to Falkenstein Friday! This week actually on Friday!

The great admiral and fattest of goblins, Rick Hershey has shared with me more pages from Curious Creatures and now, I will share them with you. This time, we're providing a preview of the bestiary portion of the book!

The basilisk/cocatrice in Curious Creatures

The layout is gorgeous and it makes amazing use of vintage art! This two page spread gives us a quote from the ever quotable Pliny the Elder, the thoughts of Doctor Dolittle on the creature (it turns out the basilisk and cockatrice are, in fact, the same creature and what most assumed was acid breath or a death stare was, in fact, a sonic attack inaudible to the human ear! At the end, you will find full statistics for the creature, written in a concise but informative manner and, finally, an adventure seed to spur on the Host's imagination.

Please let us know what you think of this sample!

Your humble servant,

J Gray

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