Castle Falkenstein Lives!

Dearest friends,

Several months ago, I made a comment in jest to the Fattest of Goblins, suggesting he somehow acquire the rights to the classic steampunk RPG, Castle Falkenstein. He took it not as a joke but, instead, as a challenge. The good people at R. Talsorian Games were contacted. Negotiations began. Deals were struck. And, quite suddenly, I found myself the new lead transcriber of Captain Tom Olam's missives from across the Faerie Veil.

Countless hours later, I am pleased to announce the official release of not our first but our first two products for Castle Falkenstein.

Curious Creatures Cover

Curious Creatures explores the wild side of New Europa with 146 pages worth of new rules on creatures, unicorns, sphinxes, animals, beast folk, and more as well as a selection of mythological and mysterious beasts from across the world! Currently available in PDF format, Curious Creatures retails for $9.99 and can be purchased at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. For those who prefer the old fashioned "book in the hand", we expect to announce the availability of a POD version of Curious Creatures before the end of next week.

Meanwhile, The Tarot Variation may only be a scant 6 pages long but it provides Sorcerers in Castle Falkenstein with proper rules for replacing a normal playing card deck with the more mystical and story rich tarot deck when Drawing Power for the casting of spells. Due to the product's brevity, The Tarot Variation is a digital only product (in PDF format) but a bargain at only $1.95! It can also be purchased at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG

If you buy either book, please consider taking the time to write and post a review. Not only does the feedback help us improve future books but it helps with sales, which also helps us improve future books by increasing the amount of money we can invest into them.

Your humble servant,

J Gray


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