Castle Falkenstein the Video Series!

Greetings and salutations, friends of Falkenstein! Welcome to another Falkenstein Friday!

A little over two weeks ago I openly pondered, on my Facebook wall, the concept of running an online Castle Falkenstein campaign. Almost immediately four very talented and dedicated Fans of Falkenstein leaped upon me and demanded I put my money where my mouth is and make it so.

Furthermore, we decided the campaign should be recorded and posted for those gamers out there looking for examples of how the Great Game is played. The campaign came together quickly with four fantastic characters.

  • Adélaïde Bechard, stage magician and member of the Cabinet of Cups and Wands.

  • Doctor George Cannaver, a scholar with a mysterious past.

  • Henri Glass, illegitimate offspring of author George Sand and composer Frederick Chopin.
  • Penneg, Breton brownie and one woman stage crew.

It was decided the campaign would begin in Vienna during the summer of 1872, just a few days before the Emperor's birthday. The four adventurers would be the house guests of the Baron and Baroness von Todesco in their palatial mansion. The campaign, it was decided, would take its name from the tag line for the game. 

An Obsidian Portal site was set up to help chronicle the campaign and keep the information tidy and accessible. Potential rule variations were discussed. And a date was set.

I am pleased to say we met for the first time this past Wednesday. The technology worked perfectly, allowing us to communicate though some players were quite literally on opposite coasts. The recording was excellent and, on the next day, I was able to scrabble it together with an introduction and title cards. The Fattest of Goblins uploaded the video late last night and now, I can share it with you.

For those of you who would prefer the recording in podcast form, we're working on that. I'll post a link to the podcast version as soon as it is available. For now, please enjoy the video of The Clockwork Lady Incident, Part 1.


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