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Happy Falkenstein Friday, friends! Even if it is on a Saturday. 

I cannot tell each and every one of you how amazingly thrilled I am at this very moment. Layout on Curious Creatures has been done, proofed, and redone and a review copy has been sent to the iconic Mike Pondsmith for final approval. Given how busy Mr. Pondsmith is with his work on the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 video game we don't expect an immediate response but have high hopes for a relatively speedy turnaround.

In the meanwhile, please enjoy this glimpse of the front and back cover of Curious Creatures!

The cover of Curious Creatures, a Castle Falkenstein supplement

That, as they say, isn't all! We also sent Mr. Pondsmith a second, much shorter product entitled The Tarot Variation: An Alternative Sorcery Deck for Castle Falkenstein. In this short but sweet document we provide rules for replacing an ordinary deck of playing cards with a tarot deck (specifically the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot style deck) to govern your Gathering Power and Sorcery needs. Special thanks to Jonathan Mazur, who provided me with files I wrote many years ago and used as the basis for this book.

The Tarot Variation, a short supplement for Castle Falkenstein

More Falkenstein news next week my friends! Until then, the world shall be ruled by the power of steam!

Your humble servant,

J Gray


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