Dramatic Character Wanted!

Some time ago, I pondered the possibility of running an "actual play" of Castle Falkenstein. Several individuals immediately accosted me, demanded I follow through on the idea, or suffer the consequences.

I'm pleased to say the campaign, High Adventure in the Steam Age, has been a rousing success. In four sessions we have played through our first Adventure Entertainment, The Clockwork Lady Incident.

Now, I hope to expand upon that success by continuing the campaign! Unfortunately, one of the Players has found themselves unable to continue and we are in need of someone new to step up to the "table".

Here are the particulars:

1. We are in different locations, physically, and so play High Adventure in the Steam Age online via Google Hangouts. A solid internet connection and a good microphone are a must. No video of players is recorded, although audio is.

2. We play on alternating Wednesdays. Our sessions begin at 8:30pm EST (east coast US time) and continue until roughly 10:30 or 11pm EST. Occasionally we have to put off a game due to that bothersome event known as real life. In that case we try to schedule for the next Wednesday instead of waiting for two additional weeks so flexibility is appreciated. Mondays are a possibility if Wednesdays prove to be impossible.

3. The Campaign is used to test future products in the Fat Goblin Games Castle Falkenstein line. This might include Adventure Entertainment and new rules options. Flexibility and an experimental mindset is required.

4. We communicate between sessions using a group Facebook messenger window. Communication is relatively frequent so the ability to check in there regularly is also required.

5. Familiarity with the Campaign as it has occurred thus far is certainly recommended. You can find the link to our Obsidian Portal page below.

If you are interesting in joining us, please contact me and we can further discuss details.

Your humble servant,
J Gray

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