Firearms & Margarine: A Look Inside

Hello, friends, and welcome to Falkenstein Friday! I have tremendous news.

Firearms and Margarine, the first ever stand-alone Adventure Entertainment has been edited, laid out on the page, and sent to the amazing R. Talsorian Games for final approval. Once they give us authorization, the Adventure Entertainment will become available for purchase.

This Adventure Entertainment weighs a hefty 38 pages and places the Players in the shoes of detectives who must solve a murder before it leads to a war between humanity and Faerie kind!

Of course, I've spoken of all this in previous postings about Firearms and Margarine. What I have not done is shown a preview of what lays between those pages! So, please, enjoy this delightful preview courtesy of the amazing artistic skills of the Fattest of all Goblins.

Look for Firearms and Margarine soon. 

Your humble servant,

J Gray

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