For Love of a Classic

Like so many gamers, I found Castle Falkenstein back in 1994. Specifically, I found it in a comic shop in downtown Albany, New York. I went through that copy fairly quickly and picked up a second copy in a clearance sale years later in Cary, North Carolina. I still have that battered old copy.

My physical copy of Castle Falkenstein has seen better days!

I used to own all the books in hard copy but, alas, after several moves I'm down to Castle FalkensteinSteam Age, and The Lost Notebook of Leonardo da Vinci. Of course, I own all (and reference often!) all the books in PDF form. I'm extremely fortunate R. Talsorian has digitized each of these classics for me to purchase.

I take this walk down memory lane because I want to point out Castle Falkenstein is far from dead. Of course, Fat Goblin Games is supporting the line but every one of the original seven books are still available in one form or another from R. Talsorian. In fact, the entire line can be picked up in digital form for less than $80!

The first question I'm usually asked when I introduce myself as line developer for Castle Falkenstein is "Are you working on a 2nd edition?"

My answer is always: not yet, but I hope to!

If more people buy these old books and show love to the line it will go a long way towards convincing the right people that a second edition should happen!

In other news, both The Second Tarot Variation and Firearms & Margarine an Adventure Entertainment for Castle Falkenstein have passed editorial muster and are now in the layout queue at Fat Goblin Games!

Happy Falkenstein Friday!

Your humble servant,

J Gray

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