High Adventure in the Age of Steam Continues!

Greetings, fans of Falkenstein!

As I mentioned before, I am running a campaign of Castle Falkenstein with myself as Host and four amazing Players as Dramatic Characters. Our first session was recorded last month and is available to watch/listen to now. 

I am pleased to say we just finished our third session and it, too is now available for a listen! Sadly, our second session was lost due to a technical malfunction but I do make sure to summarize what occurred during the unrecorded session.

In this particular session, the Dramatic Characters attend a masquerade ball, engage in a duel, save a clockwork lady, and engage in a bit of deceit!

If you are interested in following the exploits of this campaign in written form, we have established an Obsidian Portal page complete with characters and journal entries.

Please do peruse this "actual play" of the Great Game and feel free to share it with friends who wish to understand more of what Castle Falkenstein is all about!

Your humble servant,

J Gray

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