Introducing the Council of Oddities!

"There exist in this world sapient beings which are neither Human nor Faerie, Dragon nor Dwarf. Each of these beings, unique and alone, stands as an island in a sea of hostility. They exist as Oddities, apart from society. For while High Fae and Dragons are welcomed as honored guests and Low Fae and Dwarves are praised for their industrious natures, Oddities are regarded as pariahs and monsters. They are shunned, hunted, cast out, and forced to live in the dark spaces hidden in the cracks of civilization. We say to this, no more! With the formation of this Council of Oddities, we shine a beacon to call home every monster and uniquity which seeks a peaceful existence, free of fear. We will strive to make this world a place in which any being, regardless of circumstance of creation or unusual attribute, can find for themselves peace, liberty, and prosperity. To this sacred goal, we the undersigned each pledge our Existence and our Honor."

From the Right of Existence, the guiding document of the Council of Oddities


There have always been options in Castle Falkenstein of course. In addition to a wide range of Human occupations, Players have been able to create Dramatic Characters who were Faerie, Dwarf, or Dragon from the beginning! True Unicorns and Beastfolk were added in Curious Creatures. However, playing Dramatic Characters based on the more unusual stars of Victorian fiction has always presented a bit of a challenge. 

The Council of Oddities series will endeavor to change this, however! Each book in the series will present a new type of strange and Dramatic Character, complete with creation rules and multiple examples from period fiction, folktale, and history. These new Dramatic Characters do not, by any means, replace Humans or Faeries but instead provide new options to supplement the versatility of the Great Game. Perhaps one Player could take on the role of a Dwarf who specializes in clockwork, while another could play his greatest invention, a Clockwork Man! Or, perhaps, a Player choosing the guise of a Rabbi and Sorcerer could provide reason for another Player to adopt the part of a Golem! Both will be possible using rules from the first Council of Oddities book. 

Council of Oddities: Automatons, the first in the series, takes the form of a report prepared by perhaps the most famous Oddity of all time: the Monster created by Doctor Victor von Frankenstein. Within the report, the Monster details a number of its contemporaries, from automatons made of flesh, such as himself, to more mechanical creations such as Thomas Edison's clockwork woman and the Steam Powered Man of the Prairies, to automatons created through the use of Magick such as the Brazen Head and the Golem.

Look forward to this fine volume towards the end of this year of the beginning of next.

Your humble servant,

J Gray


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