Murder in the City of Lights

Greetings! Happy Falkenstein Friday! This week I'm pleased to share with you a preview of the upcoming stand-alone Adventure Entertainment, Firearms and Margarine.

First, let me present the book's planned cover as designed by the Fattest of Goblins himself! I do believe it represents Thomas Olam's first cover credit in the Castle Falkenstein series...

Next, a brief preview of the interior, beginning with the Dramatis Personae in Alphabetical Order by Surname...

  • Monsieur Michel, Brownie and Devoted Assistant of Mademoiselle Bendit
  • Mademoiselle Danielle Bendit, Brownie Leader of the Protest Movement
  • Monsieur Martin Hoog, Factory Owner
  • Madame Anne Jaclard, Newspaper Owner and Commune Sympathizer
  • Docteur Jean Alexandre Le Mat, Physician and Firearms Inventor
  • Monsieur Eugène Varlin, leader of the Paris Commune
  • Docteur Auguste Voisin, Psychiatrist and Mesmerist
  • Préfet Félix Voisin, Prefect of the Paris Police Prefecture

... and concluding with a brief glimpse of the Teuz, a new Brownie kindred type found nearly exclusively in France.

"The Teuz are a form of Brownie most commonly encountered in the Brittany region of France, though some have migrated over time to other parts of the country and beyond. Like Piskies, to whom they bear some resemblance, Teuz are farmyard Brownies who perform chores around a farmstead such as milking cows and churning butter. As with all Brownies, Teuz prefer to perform their Great Works at night when the mortal farmers are sound asleep. Unlike other Brownies, however, Teuz can be extremely sensitive to ingratitude. If a mortal openly shows contempt for their work or demands more labor from a Teuz, these industrious little workers can consider the unspoken contract between farmer and Faerie broken and are free to leave and move on to another farm."

We anticipate Firearms and Margarine being released in late March or early April, though it may occur sooner if the stars align just so.

Your humble servant,

J Gray

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  • Phil says...

    Préfet Felix Voisin : He is the nephew of Felix Voisin (1794-1872) psychiatrist and mayor of Vanves ( city near Paris).
    He is also the brother of Auguste Voisin (1829-1898), psychiatrist, vice-president of the Société d’hypnologie, and son-in-law of the publisher Jean-Baptiste Baillière.

    A family story ? :-)

    Mister Gray, contact me again in private please, I have a gift for you :-)

    March 08, 2017

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