New Falkenstein!

Greetings and welcome to another Falkenstein Friday!

This week I've exciting news to share with you. Fat Goblin Games has released not one but TWO new Castle Falkenstein products in our continued effort to revive and support the Great Game.

The first book is The Second Tarot Variation. As you may recall, The Tarot Variation provided rules for replacing ordinary playing cards with Tarot cards when using the Sorcery Deck. The Second Tarot Variation, instead, provides rules for replacing ordinary playing cards with Tarot cards when using the Fortune Deck. The Minor Arcana function much like regular cards using this optional system but the Major Arcana cards become a way of providing surprising twists in plot and rules mechanics.

For example, the Lovers may be played to do the following:

All for one and one for all! Allow the entire party exactly one minute to trade cards or exchange hands as desired. Cards representing drawn power for Sorcery may not be included in this exchange.

While playing the Star would have the following effect:

Wishes can come true but hopes can come crashing down. The Player should hazard a guess as to the suit of the top card of the fortune deck and then flip it over. If her guess was correct or if the card is from the Major Arcana, she gains a High Success on her Feat. If her guess is incorrect, she instead Fumbles.

More exciting, perhaps, is the release of Firearms & MargarineSomething I often hear from gamers interested in Castle Falkenstein is they often wished they had an existing, official Adventure Entertainment. Even if they didn't run the Adventure Entertainment it would provide guidance in the crafting of their own, unique dramas.

We at Fat Goblin Games have heard these words and taken them to heart. Firearms & Margarine is the first of several Adventure Entertainments we will be publishing. This particular Adventure Entertainment takes the form of a mystery as the Dramatic Characters race to uncover the identity of a killer before all of New Europa is embroiled in a war between Faeries and humans! 

If political mysteries aren't your heart's desire do not fear. We have two more Adventure Entertainments on the way. One, by Lady Jennifer Povey, concerns a Scottish Isle, a castle, and a ghostly visitor! The second, by Grandmaster Steven Kenson, will take the Dramatic Characters on the ultimate in modern transportation as they travel aboard a train controlled by a Babbage Engine! 

Look for both those new Adventure Entertainments in the months ahead but, for now, please enjoy The Second Tarot Variation and Firearms & Margarine.

Your humble servant.

J Gray

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