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Greetings, fans of Falkenstein!

As so many of you know, Castle Falkenstein was released in 1994. A few beautiful, intriguing, and delightful books were released to support the line and then... it vanished. A variety of factors conspired to push the game to the wayside. It may have lingered there forever had the Fattest of Goblins not chosen to pursue its revival.

Of course, it isn't just Fat Goblin Games keeping Falkenstein alive. Even in the dark days between the end of the original line and the revival, the game was being worked on and played and experimented with. Fans of Falkenstein used the web to keep the game alive, creating new material, chronicling their adventures, and even converting Falkenstein to new systems.

One such attempt was done by the amazing Sophie Lagace. Ms. Lagace was one of the original fans of the game and, for years, her website offered information both crunchy and fluffy for people to use with Castle Falkenstein.

Sadly, that website is gone but, fortunately, she remains a loyal friend of Falkenstein. These days, Ms. Lagace is a professional game designer and her work for Evil Hat Productions recently earned her an ENNIE nomination! Since she's doing development for the FATE system, it only makes sense she created an adaption of the Castle Falkenstein setting for that RPG. You can read about the process, her methods, and her thoughts on the conversion (as well as download the document containing the conversion information on her blog, the Reef.

I highly recommend you peruse it. And remember, no matter which system you choose, Curious Creatures and the Tarot Alternative still make excellent additions to your library!

Until next week, my friends!


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