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Falkenstein Friday and New Releases!

Falkenstein Friday and New Releases!

Greetings, Friends of Falkenstein!

I am thrilled almost beyond words to announce, on this lovely Friday, the release of not one but two new books for Castle Falkenstein!

Babbage's Engine takes a party of Dramatic Characters and places them on the Duchess Elisabeth, the world's first train controlled by a babbage engine! Of course, such a technological marvel is coveted by those with criminal leanings and it will be up to the party to foil a daring mastermind's fiendish scheme!

This Adventure Entertainment was written by one of the grandmasters of gaming, Steve Kenson. I'm pleased to say I have also contributed to it in some small way.

The Ability Variations is the third in our line of variant rules which allow gaming groups to customize Castle Falkenstein to their needs. Included in this particular supplement are rules for:

  • Specializations for Abilities which allow Dramatic and Host Characters to excel in specific aspects of an Ability when logical.
  • Rules for pairing different Suits to Abilities than the ones they are normally wed to.
  • A simple but robust system for improving Dramatic Characters through the accumulation and expenditure of Improvement Points.

Please consider picking up both these lovely products today. Remember, the revival of Castle Falkenstein depends upon those who love the Great Game supporting it!

Your humble servant.

J Gray

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