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J Gray Q&A LIVE Tonight (7 pm - 9 pm CST)

J Gray Q&A LIVE Tonight (7 pm - 9 pm CST)

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Tonight, Thursday October 13th, 2016, at 7 pm Central time till roughly 9 pm Central, our writer for Castle Falkenstein, J Gray, has been invited to participate in an Q&A session -- which you can link any time to the chatroom here: or if you're finding this out after the fact, read the collected chat here on The Hardboiled GMShoe's Office.

YOU MISSED THE CHAT? Don't Fret -- read the transcript here:

What follows is a "brief" introduction to J Gray and Castle Falkenstein for those unfamiliar with either. This is, of course, all in celebration of our newest releases to the the Castle Falkenstein game: Curious Creatures and The Tarot Variation!


J Gray -- Freelance Writer, Editor, Webcomic Creator

A quick bio from J Gray himself:

Mister J Gray has been writing professionally for nearly a decade now. He is best known for his genre bending webcomic, Mysteries of the Arcana, and for his work on the Letters from the Flaming Crab line from Flaming Crab Games, his kid-friendly adventures from Plaground Adventures, and Call to Arms: Ropes (the ultimate guide to rope and rope use for Pathfinder) from Fat Goblin Games. He is currently entrusted with the revival of Castle Falkenstein, the Origin award winning steampunk RPG.

I've had the pleasure to work with J on a number of things now, including Castle Falkenstein: Curious Creatures, but he's also a success of sorts in another area I suggest you check -- his webcomic.

Mysteries of the Arcana's genesis began back in the days of 2400 baud modems and dial-up bulletin board services as a roleplaying exercise. From that humble beginning it grew and meshed with J's interest in the tarot. At first, Arcana told the story of Chrystalline's father but, in time, the story became about Chrys and, finally, Chrys and Theresa.

But in addition to his webcomic, J also works for not just Fat Goblin Games but also with Alex Able of Flaming Crab Games...

Told you I got to work with him some.

... but also with BJ Hensley of Playground Adventures.


Not only is he the writer, though, of our new Castle Falkenstein books from Fat Goblin Games, he's also managing our Facebook page for Castle Falkenstein AND he blogs about what is in development and CF in general for us every week!

Castle Falkenstein -- High Adventure in the Steam Age

Originally was written by Mike Pondsmith (of Cyberpunk fame) and published by R. Talsorian Games in 1994 (the same year it one an Origins Award), Castle Falkenstein was a well-loved RPG about the Age of Steam and Victorian values long before "steampunk" was a popular term.

The "pitch" from RTG for Castle Falkenstein is:

When computer game designer Tom Olam found himself sorcerously shanghaied by a rogue Wizard and a Faerie Lord, little did he suspect that he would soon become the pivotal force in the struggle to control an alternate Victorian Uniaverse. But before the deadly game could end, he would first have to battle gigantic Landfortresses, outwit Dragons,romance a beautiful Adventuress and defeat the Evil legions of a Dark Court determined to destroy him at all costs. Then maybe, just maybe, he could find a way home again.

Enter a world of another universe just a few steps away from our own; a place where Dragons and Steampower rule the skies, Faerie Lords duel atop the battlements, and where the forces of Wizardry and Magick meet the gaslight streets of Sherlock Holmes’ London. This is a place of Swashbuckling Fantasy, High Romance and Alternate History; the world of CASTLE FALKENSTEIN

In its original run, there were six texts released for the setting, with Steve Jackson Games releasing two now-unofficial (at least by Fat Goblin Game's reckoning) GURPS based books. The originals can be very hard to find in hardcopy, but you can easily download PDF copies of all the books via OBS sites.

The Castle Falkenstein fandom never really died (especially outside the US of A), and its seeing a happy resurgence now with the release of new materials. And Curious Creatures and The Tarot Variation are just two of the many things J and Fat Goblin Games have planned for the setting! Come to the Q&A to learn more!

So Please Join Us!

I have my own Q&A planned with the Hardboiled GMShoe on Thursday, Oct 27th at 7 pm - 9 pm CST. I plan on discussing the Fat Goblin Games Patreon and the formation of the Goblin Army!

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