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Customizing Feats in the Great Game!

Customizing Feats in the Great Game!

Hello, Friends of Falkenstein and welcome to another Falkenstein Friday! Today, I am pleased to announce the release of the newest product in the Fat Goblin Games Castle Falkenstein revival!

The Feat Variations provides new ways to customize the Great Game to your group. As with all entries in our Variations line, these new rules are optional. Use those which make sense for your table and leave those which don't off the table entirely!

What might be inside, you ask? I'm happy to answer!

The Hard Limit Variation provides a method which can be used to discourage Players from "dumping their hand", allowing them to think more strategically and save a few cards for later!

The Half-Off Variation provides relief for those Players who look at their hand and feel frustration as they realize not a single card will help them with the Feats they need to perform at present.

And, finally, the Dwarfish Requirement Variation expands the Requirement (known as target numbers or difficulties in many other games) levels to give Hosts more verisimilitude when it comes to determining just how troublesome a Feat might be. It also allows Hosts to move the game along faster by eliminating the Host's hand for most situations. We feel so strongly about the power of this variation, we included not one but TEN pages of examples of each Ability at each level of Requirement. 

Please consider buying The Feat Variations and adding it to your Castle Falkenstein collection. We truly believe it can transform how you and your group play the Great Game!

Your humble servant,

J Gray

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