Castle Falkenstein / world of darkness

A Moment of Silence

Friends of Falkenstein, I will not be speaking of the Great Game today. Instead, I will take a moment to offer respect to a Great Creator.

I must sadly report, for those who have yet to hear, that Stewart Wieck has departed from the mortal plane.

Villains and Vigilantes, Scarred Lands, Dungeons and Dragons, and, of course...

... the World of Darkness. Castle Falkenstein was a contemporary of the World of Darkness. Both were born from the narrative revolution which sought to create games which put stories first and dice second. While their moods differed, they were siblings and I'm pleased to say both were formative to my own gaming experience.

Without Stewart Wieck, there would not have been a World of Darkness. No monsters staring into the abyss, trying to save what's left of their soul, no warriors fighting against the corruption of reality, no mages attempting to define that reality... 

And truly, our hobby would be a much dimmer place.

Thank you, Mister Wieck. Wherever it is you travel next, may you create worlds.

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