The Bridgeport All-Goods Company Catalogue

Hello, dear friends, and welcome to another Falkenstein Friday!

As I have mentioned before, Captain Thomas Olam has sent a wide variety of materials to us from his side of the Faerie Veil. Every so often I dig through the volume of papers to us so generously by R. Talsorian Games and review what might be available to transcribe and adapt for the Castle Falkenstein line from Fat Goblin Games.

One fine day, just as the winter winds were lessening and the buds were beginning to bloom on the trees I found a most beautiful specimen: The 1875 Catalogue of the Bridgeport All-Goods Company.

In the world of New Europa, the Bridgeport All-Goods Company beat Sears, Roebuck & Company to the "everything including the kitchen sink" catalogue by quite a few years. Bridgeport All-Goods seems to have been founded by, of all people, the daughter of legendary showman P.T. Barnum and she obviously inherited his advertising acumen because every product is lovingly and cunningly described and pictured.

The Bridgeport All-Goods Company Catalogue has sections for, among other things, groceries, medical goods, hardware, appliances, equipment for the adventurous, items of leisure, agricultural goods, fashions for men, women, and children, and weapons of both the melee and the ranged variety! Better yet! Along with the catalogue, Captain Olam has sent quite a few notes giving a more modern perspective on the items as well as the occasional rule for using it in Castle Falkenstein. He was also kind enough to give us a better understanding of what each Rank of the Exchequer Ability means, both in terms of day to day lifestyle and in buying and spending power. A boon, to be sure, for anyone who has played the game and said, "Yes, I have an Average Exchequer but does that mean I can afford to buy a rifle? What about a gryocycle or an automotive?"

I have already begun translating the Bridgeport All-Goods Catalogue and we hope to have it available this year. It is, quite frankly, a monumental task. The section on drugs and medical tools contains as many words as roughly 1/6th of Curious Creatures! Still, we will do our best to bring this amazing book to you as soon as is possible.

Vin Mariani aka Wine of Coca (alcohol and cocaine mixed. What can go wrong?)

In the meantime, please enjoy this list of items which can be found in the Catalogue's Drugs and Medical Tools section:

  • Historical information and context on patent medicines.
  • A listing of wonder drugs such as: Nerve and Brain Pills, Doctor Barker's Blood Builder, the Liquor Gold Cure, Brown's Vegetable Cure for Female Weakness, Arsenic Complexion Wafers, Carbolic Acid, Epson Salts, Essence of Jamaica Ginger, Ether, Injection No. 7, Iron Powder (used to detect Faeries in disguise!), Laudanum, Root Beer, Smelling Salts, Wine of Coca, Witch Hazel, and more!
  • Information on Homeopathic Remedies, a popular fad of the day, as well as a better understanding of why it is so amazingly easy to buy incredibly dangerous substances "over the counter".
  • The Princess Bust Developer (with Bust Food!)
  • Medical instruments such as clinical thermometers, crutches, ear trumpets, and hypodermic needles.
  • Fully stocked cases and kits for accidents, dentists, midwives, nurses, morticians, and surgeons.
  • Artificial limbs, both of the normal and clockwork variety as well as rules for how clockwork limbs affect the Great Game!
  • Electro-medical instruments guaranteed to cure hysteria, mental illness, convulsions, and other ailments!
  • Cures via long distance Sorcery! You send them your blood and they send you a cure!

And this is just one section of the Catalogue! I can't wait to begin the next!

Your humble servant,

J Gray

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