The People of Paris

Hello, Friends of Falkenstein!

Things continue apace for the Castle Falkenstein line from Fat Goblin Games. The Fattest of Goblins continues to turn knobs and adjust levels in his bid to perfect the layout for Firearms and Margarine. When last I queried him about the subject, he muttered something about "going old school" and "learning to set type on an antique printing press".

Oh dear.

In the meanwhile, Julien Pirou and I have been investigating a rather curious tome sent across the Faerie Veil by Captain Thomas Olam. It seems to be one of a series of popular travel guides written by an American, Miss Pauline Peril. This particular guidebook gives advice for foreigners intending to live in Paris for an extended period of time. While most guides of the period seemed to be interested in dictating walking tours of the city and imparting information about respectable activities, Miss Peril's guide is rather salacious and dips down into the local bohemian and even criminal culture! In other words, it is the perfect book upon which to base our Castle Falkenstein Paris sourcebook!

Included in Miss Peril's guidebook are her observations on a number of personalities in the City of Lights. They are quite fascinating, I assure you... even the ones Miss Peril hasn't personally kissed.

Nana Coupeau, as painted by Edouard Manet.

Included among the personalities written about by Miss Peril...

  • Amélie Bosquet, an expert on folklore and, of course, scholar of the Faerie.
  • Jean Le Fustec, journalist, bard, and druid.
  • Nana Coupeau, a courtesan and actress. 
  • Erik, mysterious composer and muse living beneath the Paris Opera House.
  • George Sand, writer, feminist, and famous "cross dresser".

And quite a few more.

We beg your indulgence as we take the time to properly transcribe, research, and format Miss Peril's Guide to Paris. More updates will be forthcoming, I assure you.

Your humble servant,

J Gray

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