The Prepared Dramatic Characters of Castle Falkenstein

Hello friends! Welcome to yet another Falkenstein Friday. As I have mentioned in the past, the original production run of Castle Falkenstein contained no stand-alone, prepared Adventure Entertainments to aid a Host in running a session or three of the Great Game. This is an oversight we at Fat Goblin Games have taken pains to correct! Firearms and Margarine, a murder mystery taking place in Paris, has already been published and two new Adventure Entertainments, Babbage's Engine and The Black Lady of Brodick Castle are currently in the final stages of production.

Included in the rear portion of each of these adventures are a series of prepared Dramatic Characters, ready to replicate via a duplication machine and pass out to the Players. Today, I thought I would take a moment and introduce you to several of the amazing personalities available for play with these Adventure Entertainments. Images of the Dramatic Character handouts are included for three of them.

Jérémie Belpois

Jérémie Belpois grew up admiring the great feats of C. Auguste Dupin, the master detective, but he could never match his idol in sheer intellect. Despite this, he did not give up and joined the Préfecture de police de Paris at a young age. He quickly learned the department was rife with corruption and even those among the police force who truly desired to fight crime were unable to make a difference, hampered as they were by regulations and laws. Jérémie quit the police and set up shop as a consulting detective. 

Janet Black

The men all laughed when Janet Black showed up in California with her pickaxe and her panning gear but damned if she didn’t show them a thing or three. The blacksmith’s daughter struck her claim, worked it, and came up with enough gold to make her rich for life. Tired of working for a living, the newly wealthy Janet set off from San Francisco aboard an aeroship, intending to see the world. Her first stop? Paris!

M. Blanque

As a secret agent for the Imperial Crown of France, M. Blanque travels the world, performing daring acts both of espionage and romance. Just back from a mission in the Americas, she has been asked to look into this bothersome protest in hopes of finding a way to defuse the situation. With her charisma, mastery of stealth, and gadget-filled cane, M. Blanque is the perfect choice to solve this murder before it grows into warfare between humans and Faeries or, worse, embarrasses the Emperor!

Marquess Marie-Christine Bourdon

Though she was born to the aristocracy of France, Marie-Christine Bourdon has always been a tinkerer at heart, much to the exasperation of her parents. In her youth, Marie-Christine’s governess often found her taking apart some device or another as she attempted to discover how it worked. As the young aristocrat grew older, Marie-Christine made something of a truce with her parents. She would act more properly like a lady if they would arrange for her to learn engineering from experts. Recently, inspired by Lady Ada Lovelace, Marie-Christine has become interested in the functioning and programming of
Babbage Engines.

Doctor Montague MacTaggart

Born to a well-off merchant family, Montague MacTaggart was sent by his parents to London to attend school with the hopes of becoming a medical doctor. During his time in the Empire’s capital young Montague was introduced to the works of Andrew Jackson Davis, an early pioneer of spiritualism and became fascinated. While Montague did eventually complete his studies and become a doctor he did not return to Scotland to take up a medical practice. Instead, much to the chagrin of his parents, he presented himself to the London Society of Phantasmal Research and was inducted into their ranks as a field researcher.

Pauly the Pixie

Let Brownies have their boring work and Faerie Lords their courtly intrigues. Life for Pauly the Pixie is nothing but adventure! After all, adventure is so very easy to find. All it takes is finding an interesting group of humans and slipping into their belongings. Before Pauly know it they’ve been taken to a new place and are having quite a bit of fun! Normally the Pixie wouldn’t even think of boarding a train. Much too much iron. However, she can’t resist the possibility of creating a match between Alan/Alaine Reinhardt and a dashing young hero!

Peter Last

Peter Last’s father was a butler as was his father before him. Peter, however, has no desire to become just another domestic servant in a long line of domestic servants. Instead, he wishes to roam the world and have adventurers like the men and women he has read about in the pages of the Strand Magazine. With a keen eye, a strong frame, and a good heart, the young man has struck out to travel the continent in search of his fortune.


Wilfried is a Brownie of the Teuz variety. He has always been a Teuz and he always will be. He loves life in the country and hard work and could live that life forever. When he heard Danielle Bendit’s plan to protest the human factory in Paris, Wilfried wasn’t sure it was a smart move but he soon became swept up by her passion. Or, perhaps, he was swept up by his passion for her assistant, Michel. With Michel dead, Wilfried has done a most unBrownie like thing and declared his intention to get revenge.

Sir Peter Windhelm

Though he was born in England, Sir Peter Windhelm moved to Paris years ago to be with the love of his life, Corinne. A Sorcerer and member of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, he takes advantage of his relative wealth and the leisure time it produces to act as did the knights of old, righting wrongs and aiding those in need. A relic in an ever changing world, Sir Peter stands by his belief that it is the duty of the fortunate to give aid to the less fortunate whenever possible.

I do hope this proved enlightening. 

Your humble servant,

J Gray


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