The Return of Falkenstein Friday!

Greetings fans of Falkenstein! 

Please excuse my absence during this last month. I am afraid I have been rather busy with that dreaded beast known as reality. Let me share with you a secret. You see, I am not a full time game developer!

Gasp! I know! How could anyone working in the gaming industry not make so much money as to be able to afford to do it and it alone?!?

Sarcasm aside, dear friends, I am pleased to announce work on Castle Falkenstein resumes. Currently, we are working to prepare the first published, stand-alone Adventure Entertainment for the Great Game, entitled Firearms and Oleomargarine. Let me present to you a preview.

Chaos rains in the great city of Paris as hundreds of human and brownie protests have blocked the streets of the Arrondissement de Vaugirard. The reason for their anger?


The brownies and dairy farmers of France view the imitation butter as a disgrace and have made their displeasure over the opening of a new factory dedicated to the manufacturing of oleomargarine known through marches, rallies, and a general blockage of commerce.  While business owners and residents of the arrondissement (the proper name for an administrative district in Paris) demand action to end the protest, authorities are reluctant to intervene. Emperor Napoleon the Third himself worries official government action against so large a body of the fae will constitute a breach of the First Compact which keeps the peace between humans, the Seelie, and the Unseelie. One wrong move could give the Adversary the excuse he needs to plunge the entire continent into war!

Thus, when the assistant of the protest leader is murdered by a sniper during a rally, it becomes imperative the crime be solved and the criminal brought to justice with rapid speed! It falls to the Dramatic Characters to ferret out the truth of this dastardly crime. But who could the murderer be?

Might it have been orchestrated by the Commune, an underground organization some believe has anarchist leanings?

Or perhaps the factory owner, Martin Hoog, tired of waiting for official action and decided to take matters into his own hands.

Was Felix Voisin, the Préfet de police, so tired of daily humiliation at being unable to keep order in the city he secretly order the assassination?

Or perhaps criminal masterminds Arsène Lupin or Fantômas planned the crime as cover for a more sinister undertaking!

The only way to discover who did the deed and why will be to play Firearms and Oleomargarine, a Mystery Entertainment for the Castle Falkenstein roleplaying game!

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