Win a Signed Copy of Curious Creatures!

Hello friends! Welcome to Falkenstein Friday!

As you doubtless know, in addition to being a decorative holiday treat, an easter egg can also refer to a surprise or reference hidden inside a creative work. While easter eggs are most commonly found in films they can be hidden everywhere, including in books.

In fact, Curious Creatures, the first book in the Castle Falkenstein revival, is filled with them. Here's an example:

On page 105, in the Adventure Seed for the Sphinx, a reference is made to the nation of Laurania. Laurania is a small, fictional nation featured in Savrola, a novel by famed British Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill.

To celebrate the release of Curious Creatures and The Tarot VariationFat Goblin Games is pleased to announce an Easter Egg Hunt contest! Here are the rules:

1. Look through your copy of Curious Creatures and find easter eggs. Record any you find, noting the easter egg, the page number where it might be found, and a brief description of what it references.

2. Email your list to Be sure to include your name.

3. We will select a name, at random, from everyone who enters. The winner will receive a signed (by J Gray and not by Tom Olam, sadly), physical copy of Curious Creatures. International entries are welcome.

4. Your name will be entered into the drawing 1 time for every 5 easter eggs you record. So the more you find, the better your chances of winning.

5. All entries must be received by midnight, NYC time, 10/28/2016. 

Good fortune!

J Gray

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