Your Castle Falkenstein!

Hello, Friends of Falkenstein! Today's posting will be short and sweet because, to be honest, I am hoping you will write it for me!

Every Friday, I write a missive detailing the world of Castle Falkenstein from my point of view. Often, this is done to inform you of an upcoming or just released book or just to provide a bit of additional information or rules.

Today, however, I want nothing more than to hear from you. Each of you. I wish to be deluged in responses!

Tell me, please, about your Castle Falkenstein campaigns! Players, regale me with tales about your Dramatic Characters! Hosts, delight me with stories about your Adventure Entertainments!

Please share with everyone what Castle Falkenstein has become at your table and, in doing so, let us inspire each other to new heights of frivolity and adventure! I promise I, at least, will respond. Hopefully, the community will have a conversation.

What is your Castle Falkenstein?

Your humble servant,

J Gray

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