A DeCLASSified Review and Preview

A DeCLASSified Review and Preview

Hello All,

 Today I wanted to talk to you about our CLASSified line, which has recently been revamped with new art, new cover design, and new releases. You can see some of our older products, mostly from Tyler Beck

The CLASSified line is designed to bring original class designs and options, from new alternate, base, occult, prestige, or even "unchained" designs. 

CLASSified: The Hussar, written by Jennifer R. Povey is a form of light cavalry that shares some similarities with the cavalier class in that it gains access to a special mount and belongs to organizations. The key ability of the hussar class is their "skirmish" ability which allows them to deal extra damage when they charge an opponent. Their organizations come in the form of "Lines" which normally focus on fighting with a certain weapon from horseback like: Line of the Arrow (mounted archery), Line of the Flame (mounted firearms), Line of the Blade (mounted sword work), and Line of the Spear (mounted work with a lance).

About the Hussar

While the cavalier or paladin tends to ride their opponents down with the force of their weight and their mount, the hussar rides a lighter beast and relies on speed and agility. She relies on her skill as a rider and trusts in her mount rather than heavy armor to stay safe and makes quick, darting hit and run attacks with a sword, polearm, or even ranged weapon.

Role: Hussars harry at the edge of the battle, picking off those who stray too far from line or formation. They fight in an active style somewhat similar to a rogue, but may also be sought out for their skill as riders and sometimes as trainers.

CLASSified: The Technopath, written by Garrett Guillotte, is a class for those that love the integration of magic and technology in their game. A master manipulate of high tech gadgetry, the technopath has a sentient artificial intelligence of their own design that inhabits a special cybernetic brain enhancement they possess called the spirit core. The technopath can wirelessly connect to various types of technology and allow their technogeist to "possess" the machine, controlling its operation. With access to a number of spells, ability to manipulate charges, and even to create a permanent, persistent virtual demiplane projected from their spirit core, the technopath is powerful addition to any technomancy themed game.

About the Technopath

Fascinated by the potential of technology to create new forms of incorporeal life, a technopath has unlocked a way to draw an extraplanar companion into the Material Plane as a technogeist—an artificial intelligence with a living soul. Their intimate link grants her unparalleled connections to technology and a supernatural vault of skill and knowledge, and she uses her magical powers to transmit her companion AI into robots, technological devices, and her own specialized cybertech. The technopath is a new alternate class related to technology, though it has design similarities to the spiritualist and summoner classes.

This book is designed with the expectation that you have access to the official primary guidebook for technology rules in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (abbreviated as the Guide in this book); any references in this book that do not refer to a specific sourcebook refer to the Guide, which is available online for free on the official Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document (

Additionally, while this class should be fully functional by the rules presented here and integrate with existing technology rules for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, a player would find much greater utility for the class, its abilities, and the kinds of technology it is made to interact with by picking up copies of Fat Goblin Games' Call to Arms: Fantastic Technology, also by Garrett Guillotte, and the companion book, Call to Arms: Amazing Technology.

Role: Much like summoners and their eidolons, technopaths rely on their technogeist for many of their abilities and combat prowess. And while technopaths are capable spellcasters, they draw more of their unique powers by harnessing and improving technology—and by transferring their technogeists into robots with versatile abilities.

CLASSified: The Wind-Warrior, written by Andrew Campbell, trades in the heavy armor of most up-front warriors for speed powered by precise control of the wind. The primary abilities of the wind-warrior, way of the leaf, leaf on the wind, and boundless step, combine together to allow a wind-warrior to attack numerous times with a one-handed blade taking step after step around them and using their movement and control of the air to deflect incoming attacks. With three added archetypes to mix things up, this new base class offers something for the fast and agile fighting type.

About the Wind-Warrior

While many warriors may hold the line with ease, they do little to stop the never ending dance of the wind-warrior. A wind-warrior is a cascade of ceaseless motion and whirling death; moving effortlessly from opponent to opponent dancing among them like leaves on the wind, leaving not behind but death. With effortless grace they caress their opponents with steel, hewing them in twain, while gliding across fallen foes in a captivating, deadly dance.

Role: A wind-warrior is not the standard frontline fighter. She is best at harrying foes, setting up flank opportunities, and moving around the enemies front lines to threaten the more vulnerable support.

CLASSified: The Pyromancer - Revised, written by Kiel Howell, is a revision of a Fat Goblin Games classic. The original Pyromancer was popular, but as one of our earliest releases, it felt stuck in a d20-system paradigm. Kiel freed the pyromancer of its ancient shackles and updated this fire-centric spellcaster to be more similar to the modern game of Pathfinder.

 About the Pyromancer

The discovery of fire is hailed by many as one of the most important discoveries in all the worlds. Those arcane practitioners who “find the fire within” are known as pyromancers. The burning desire to delve further into the pyromantic arts consumes many; stories tell of wild, undisciplined practitioners whose star burned bright and short, quite literally. Yet others channel the burning inferno of magical potential into a focus rivalled by few.

Whether through study or self-discovery, a pyromancer’s power grows with time. Like a natural fire, that power goes through bright spots of discovery followed by a tamer period of refinement. Eventually, a pyromancer becomes deceptively deadly, like embers amongst the ashes.

Role: A pyromancer is a gifted spellcaster of fire-based magic. Eventually, a pyromancer becomes so exceptional at casting fire based magic that they become a destructive, yet necessary force, unto themselves.

We also have plans for a time-manipulation-based class (also written by Andrew Campbell) and a new subline release called CLASSified Options which will debut with a book by Matt Roth about a class built around the using his ever popular Equipment Trick feat line of Sidebars!

 About the Equipment Master

While some fighters learn mastery over fist or steel, and others master the very armor on their backs, there are a special few that take a different path in battle. Either from a lack of experience or access to the proper tools, these fighters must learn tricks to keep pace with their better-armed fellows. These equipment masters become experts at using whatever they may have on hand, sometimes including the very clothes on their back, to defend themselves and their allies. Though it is not uncommon to find an equipment master employing a blade in new, innovative ways, it is far more common to find equipment masters dancing behind their cloaks, shielding themselves with lanterns and torches, or fighting with nothing more than their scabbards.

Lucus Palosaari, Editor & Project Manager at Fat Goblin Games (Like us on Facebook!)

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