Gazing into the Abyss: If I Added Up All My Random Writing in a Week I Bet I Could Finish One of these Books!

Hello All,

It's Thursday, and Thursday means a blog. But its been an active week in the world of Fat Goblin Games. And as I sat down to write, I realized I didn't have any one thing to say but many -- because I've been saying things all week, including today!

So while I am tagging this as a Gazing into the Abyss (see the usual style of these here), I'm going to forego the normal disclaimers and just share some of the interesting and public conversations (mostly on Facebook, but some on Twitter) that you should know about.

Someone Asked for Resources to Start a Third Party Publishing Company on a Shoestring Budget and I Overshared

Someone messaged another Third Party Publishing (and first party and likely somehow second party too, I'm sure -- he's just working for everyone all the time) about getting their own 3PP off the ground, and Fat Goblin Games was tagged, so I came in and maybe provided about 60% of the resources I know I've come across for "getting into the biz" before realizing I might have just been posting stuff I didn't need to.. or I'd long ago answered their question. Either way check it out on Facebook!

Maybe I should make a dedicated blog just about those kinds of resources?

Third Party Publishing is NOT FanFiction

Another Third Party Publisher posted an art preview for a hybrid class they are releasing soon, and someone asked if this was official Paizo stuff, or just "fan fiction." When someone tried to inform him of the truths of the matter, it became... interesting. Others decided it was time to educate the fellow.

You Should Follow Jessica Price of Paizo on Twitter

There are numerous reasons why you might want to follow Jessica Price (@Delafina777) or any number of other Paizo Publishing employees on social media, but Jessica Price is of particular interest so that you can get such valuable insight as these two threads.

Jessica Price talking about being a woman at a gaming convention, and things she'd like her especially male colleagues to know

Jessica Price discussing how people that haven't experienced a thing, like sexual harassment, don't get to tell people whom have "how bad it is" 

Jessica Price discussing the difference between individual persecution & society-wide structural oppression (and how it relates to gaming kinda sorta)

Now, those are my takes on her "titles" (or first tweets really) for each of those topics, but she gets at many, many more topics beyond it.

I don't think she has a dedicated blog, but if she did, you should follow it.

The New O.G.R.E. Awards (Open Game Recognition Awards)

John Reyst of announced he is working on the O.G.R.E. Awards, which I'd be excited for to enter many Fat Goblin Game products. If you've ever wanted to help form an award system for Tabletop Roleplaying Games, you should go check out his Google Doc all about the Award.

All for Now Folks

And with that, I'm signing off for the week. Back to the word-mines to mine some more words!

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