Final Three Days of the Dark Naga Kickstarter -- The City of Talos

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Today I wanted to talk to you about one of our Imprints -- Dark Naga Adventures and their current Kickstarter in its final three days! (the KS ends: Sun, May 14 2017 6:00 PM CDTDark Naga has produced, via Kickstarter, two amazing adventures: The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil & The Buried Zikurat. While originally designed as both 5th Edition Fantasy & Old School Revival releases, both did well enough in their respective Kickstarters to have Pathfinder Roleplaying Game releases added.

And now, the Dark Naga is in the final three days of his most recent Kickstarter: The City of Talos, which continues the tale told in the first two adventures. 

Part 1 -- The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil

The small town of Boldon, and its surrounding villages are afraid. Dozens of people are missing, some speculate lost to some nefarious purpose. A broken drunkard tells fantastic tales of an evil temple and the horrible things within. The rare few who know the legends and history of the region are beginning to think the dark times have returned; not seen since the fall of the first age of man. People are beginning to feel the icy fingers of fear closing in. The party becomes aware of these events and is inspired to investigate. This leads them to a broken man who tells them a story of a lost temple. Has it been rediscovered by men seduced by its forgotten evil? The drunkard’s tale leads to others who might help the party discover more before they face The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil.

Part 2 -- The Buried Zikurat

The Buried Zikurat – An adventure for 3 to 7 characters level 6th through 8th and designed for use with most versions of the best known fantasy roleplaying game. This module can be used with any old school RPG or modern clones and is optimized for 5 characters at level 7.
Building upon the success of the Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil, Kevin Watson from Dark Naga Adventures brings you part 2 of the series! This can be played as part of the series or as a stand-alone adventure.
The clay mining operation at Caford has discovered a large step pyramid, or zikurat. This imposing structure was buried completely in the clay sheet they have been mining for decades to make brick and other ceramic products. The local miners see what they think is an obvious entrance, but cannot get past the slab of stone. A call for aid is sent to the capital city of Meawold, and the party is sent to investigate.
Could this be one of the Nexuses that traded goods from the subterranean Land of Night to the surface world?
Places where treasures of the subterranean kingdoms, like mithril weapons, were traded for surface goods. Bastions of trade that were lost during the fall of the First Age of Man. Why has it been dormant for almost two millennia? What lies within? Is it a threat to Caford, or the Kingdom of Meawold as a whole? If they can get inside, the party will have to navigate millennia old magic locks and security sentinels to find answers to these questions and more within The Buried Zikurat.
Featuring clever tricks and traps, and exciting new magic, all wrapped up in an elven mystery of the ages. The Buried Zikurat is sure to bring hours of enjoyment to your gaming table!

Part 3 -- The City of Talos

After the events of The Buried Zikurat, the characters return to the city of Meawold to report to the Minister of Interior Affairs Edmur and enjoy the fruits of their labor. After tiring of the delights of Meawold, and possibly running a bit low on coin, they decide the time has come to accept the invitation from Sherin Po-thole and enter Talos as honored guests, something no surface dweller has ever done. 

With the characters attuned to the necessary magic items, the party returns to the nexus and follows the signs to Talos. There it discovers a wondrous land of adventure and opportunity: 

  • From the exploration of the nexus, the party saw hints and rumors of lost treasures. 
  • Negotiation with the Formene Elves will be a challenge. They are skilled orators, and most of them have been practicing negotiation longer than the party has been alive. 
  • The dangers of the Formene are many, powerful, and unforgiving. 
  • The riches are nearly beyond imagination. For example, the Formene is the only source of mithril weapons and armor. 
  • Somewhere in the Talos libraries lie the secrets to why Hastur wants the elves for his master plan. 
  • The Duchy of Meawold would relish the opportunity to restore trade, or perhaps even reopen the nexus. 
  • The first heroes to enter Talos will be known throughout the lands and become the stuff of legend. 
  • The Formene Elves welcome an opportunity to sample the delights they know only through legends, cuts of beef, lamb, pork and chicken, not tasted for nearly two millennia. 

Please Consider Backing This Kickstarter!

Finally, let me end on a personal note. I was fortunate enough to be hired by Kevin Watson, the Dark Naga himself, to do the 5th Edition-to-Pathfinder Roleplaying Game conversion for The Buried Zikurat. While the task was easy enough, I really got to dig deep into both this adventure and the original to help understand it, and I know that Dark Naga's Formene is an intriguing place and the city that is Talos has an amazing premise, wonderful, thoughtful design, that was thoroughly "thoughtout" (which is, in fact, rare in many "fantasy" games as they just rely on a *handwave* 'it's magic!')

So please, please, please consider backing this Kickstarter. He's already met his $4,000 initial goal, so at this point -- it's going to happen. Now its more about unlocking all the other goodies and versions!

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