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Two weeks ago I introduced you to Ben Dowell, a new freelancer for the vs. M Engine line of games (with his two adventures, The Mad Gasser and Creepy Clowns, both available now!). 

Creepy, creepy freaking clowns...

Well since then, Ben and his partner in crime, Brad Marceauxat Epic Level NPC have been on a bit of a journey! In Ben's own words...

In July, I was injured on the job. Nothing major, but I was put on sick leave. I buckled down, and started working on more releases for Epic Level NPC. At this time, I also started putting in submissions to freelance with other companies. (A little tip to anyone else that wants to freelance, start following every game company and designer you like on Facebook. They often announce when they need help there!) My first couple of submissions didn't go anywhere, but, in September I found a niche - Fat Goblin Games had released vs. Ghosts, and a couple adventures. They'd put out vs. Stranger Stuff, but hadn't put out any adventures. I wrote an adventure, vs. The Mad Gasser. I was nervous because the vs. Ghost adventures had been one page each, and vs. The Mad Gasser was around four pages, but, I heard back from Rick and Lucus. They wanted to publish it! I tweaked the adventure a little, Lucus worked his editing magic to polish it, and Rick did some cool art and layout. Boom! My first freelancing job was done!

Now, here's the secret -- I immediately said "I've got another idea." About a week later, vs. Creepy Clowns was done. Once it was done, I once again said "I've got an idea." See the pattern? Once you turn in a project, ALWAYS ask for more work.

Now, we're in October. Rick and Lucus have asked us (Epic Level NPC) to join Fat Goblin Games as an Imprint. Based on a few numbers I've seen, FGG has about x400 times the fanbase that Epic Level NPC has. Plus, we get Rick to do art and layout, instead of me? How could we not want to do this?! So, a brief email conversation with Brad, and yes, we're joining up. We're really excited to work with Fat Goblin Games. I'm a fan of Rick's art, having bought a good chunk on stock art already, and I enjoy several of the gaming lines currently in production. I'm not sure what Epic Level NPC brings to the goblin's table, but, we often don't see what overs value in us.

So, that's our story so far.

And so you can now find Epic Level NPC on our RPGNow and DriveThruRPG storefronts (they'll be added to our other stores shortly!)


Again, allow me to have Ben & Brad spin for you the tale of who ELNPC is/are:

Epic Level NPC actually started as a podcast. I was recording our gaming sessions on releasing them online. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough hardware, or software to do this well. With only one mic in the room, and no way to record over Skype, the audio quality was kind of terrible. I ended up posting game recaps in a private Facebook group.

Towards the end of 2015, I was annoyed with my job. I was working on my own gaming supplements for my players, and, I kept hearing the same ideas on different podcasts: "Make your own stuff." This is where Epic Level NPC was born from.

For years, I'd heard comic artists and writers say that the best way to get into the industry was to publish your own stuff. If you can show a steady work habit, and show that you can meet deadlines, you're doing better than many professionals. Talent can be developed with continued practice. The other podcasts I was listening to echoed this idea. Chris Hardwick founded Nerdist because he couldn't get acting jobs, and wanted something he made himself. I figured, "why not?"

So, I bought a website address. I Googled things like "how to make PDFs," and I started work on my first release. I contacted Brad, and asked him if he'd like to join me in the endeavored to make our own gaming company. He's always been creative, and I enjoyed every game I've played with him as the GM. With Brad on board, I knew we would be able to manage at least a monthly release schedule. And so far, we've put out two releases every month in 2016. We weren't making a lot of money, but, we're in the black with enough to finance next year without dipping into our own pockets.

Lets see if we can show our new imprint partners a war welcome from the Fat Goblin Hoarde and Army of fans by sending some good vibes (and ideally sales) their way!

What Epic Level NPC Offers?

You can see all 25+ offerings from Epic Level NPC here, which is a decent number of releases for a new company. And while a few are simple pieces like D20 Generators for things like Stranger Weather Events or Crazy Town Events, they also have a good number of substantial releases -- like their three volumes of Occult Rituals of the Necronmicon (which would fit right in at home in Fat Goblin Game's own Shadows over Vathak setting) and other related texts.


The moon is dark, and the gods dance in the night; there is terror in the sky, for upon the moon hath sunk an eclipse foretold in no books of men or of Earth's gods...

Occult Rituals of the Necronomicon brings magic to the people with the help of Pathfinder Role Playing Game's Occult Adventures. Now, non-spellcasters can bring magic to abominable life given time, skill, and the proper equipment. Inside this book, you will find twelve Occult Rituals, which any player class can use to cast spells. These rituals are thematiclly linked to the Necronomicon, the Book of the Dead. Each ritual has it's roots in horribly twisting the body and soul.

You can pick up a Pay-What-You-Want sample of this series right here called Occult Rituals of the Necronomicon: Corrupting Chant!

I'm torn though on my favorite release from them so far between three:

Clearly "More Than Meets the Eye" to these "trans-formative" creatures

The perfect class to "Go" and Poke-around for Monsters with...

If you gotta go, go in style!

But really, I think the one I'll actually use at my table would be their addition to the line up of kaiju -- Kamon the Living Mountain!

I just love the idea of 'living' on top a massive turtle monster!

The ground shakes as a booming footstep echoes across the mountain range. A roar sends birds into flight, and deafens those too close for comfort. A mountain, no, a living mountain, plods across the land, leaving a wake of destruction in its path. Worst that that? Those horrible creatures that swarmed the village as the beast walked pass.

Kaiju Bestiary: Kamon the Living Mountain focuses on one such force of nature. Inside you will find:

  • Kaiju stats for Kamon
  • An acquired template
  • A community built INSIDE the beast
  • Ultimate Campaign army stats

You can get a free/Pay-What-You-Want copy of the Army Stats here for Kamon!

So go show our new partners a little love, pick up a product or 20, and like them on Facebook!

Lucus Palosaari on, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn -- and now on Amazon!

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