Introducing Our Latest Imprint -- Golden Glyph!

Hello All,

I wanted to talk to you about something fairly exciting that will be coming out in the coming weeks from one of our Imprints that I was lucky enough to work on. That's a slight misrepresentation, I technically started working with the author Kristopher Cruz (see his Amazon page here and Spellscribed series of fantasy novels here!) months ago as a freelance editor, but I was slowly able to trick... I mean, convince him that the wisest choice for him was to set up Golden Glyph as an imprint under the auspices of Fat Goblin Games.

Spellscribed is a series of fantasy novels revolving around the protagonist, a young and inexperienced Wizard named Endrance. Born the night that the Archmagus Valeria died, Endrance was gifted with the talent and mind for magic. He'd proven that he was more than capable of mastering the forces of magic and intellectual study at the hands of a master as mad as he was crafty. He was one of the Scribed, mages who had undergone a painful yet powerful ritual that granted them the ability to tattoo spells upon their very skin.
He had finally proven himself to his master, and was free to practice magic at his own pace. If that were all fate had in store for him, he would have been happy. However fate wanted more of this man's potential than a lifetime of quiet study.
Instead, he was appointed the Spengur of Balator, a country radically different from his own. He would face an entire city of people that prized physical might and shunned the mystic. There he would meet staunch allies, and dangerous foes. There, he could change the world, if he could only survive.
It is through the fires of strife that a person is melted down into the core of who they really are, and fate has stoked the flames white hot. Can he survive the blaze? And even more importantly, who will he be if he emerges from the other side?

But it wasn't an adaptation of his imaginative fantasy world that acts as backdrop to Spellscribed that Kristopher was working on when he hired me as an editor. No, it was his vision for making a proper Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (and Starfinder, when it drops) compatible set up for a popular Cartoon Network TV show that he loves about sentient gemstones with projected bodies of light. I wasn't, at the time, a fan of the show though I'd heard of it but I quickly started to catch up and become engrossed in the music and lore of the show, all while helping Kristopher refine his mineralite race of sentient gemstones and their home planet of Scintilla. This culminates now in the first book in a planned series -- The Crystal Planet: Player's Guide.

If you're thinking "my goodness, a four-armed race" -- well let me introduce you to Marquise Tourmaline, whom is what we call a "fusion form" of two mineralites, Nephrite and Topaz.

If you're looking at all this and scratching your head -- then I'm guessing you're not an SU fan. If you are, we hope you're excited to bring the mineralites into your home game very soon.

So to keep up on the latest release news, to see more page layout examples, and talk about The Crystal Planet and its native inhabitants the mineralites, be sure to Like Kristopher Cruz's author page, and keep following Fat Goblin Games on Facebook.

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