New Beginnings

Once, a long time ago, I lost everything. Got kicked out of the place I was living, knocked on my butt by people I thought were my friends.  I thought everything was pretty much over.

Then I found a new place. A better one. A place where I could express myself without fear of being shunned.. or kicked out.  Since then things have been amazing for me and those around me. Getting booted was possibly one of the best things that ever happened in my life.

Well recently due to a server error, we lost everything at the old Fat Goblin Games website. Sure, we were upset as we had put a LOT of work into that site. Dozens and dozens of Luke's, Rick's, John's, and my blogs were just gone. Hundred of hours of work deleted like it did not matter.

Guess what. We got booted (in a sense).

We dusted ourselves off. Said a few choice swear words, and said we would make something better.

It's not done yet, but its going to be better. Better for us the designers. Better for YOU, the customers and fans of Fat Goblin Games.

Suggestions? Let us know. YOU are what makes us tick. Without you we are a bunch of hacks. With you... we are a bunch of hacks writing cool stuff for you. :-)

Welcome to Fat Goblin Games new website/store.  We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we are going to enjoy steering you on course.

Take care, and good gaming!

Troy Daniels
The Janitor

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