Little Goblins, Slumberland, and More

Hey everyone!

Troy, The Janitor here to talk to you about a cool thing that has just come across my radar that I wanted to share with you. But first.. a bit of background.

Children are the most important thing that any of us parents have. As parents we want to share our passions and enjoyments with our kids but sometimes that is hard to do. Trying to teach your six year old the sometimes very complex and math heavy game of Pathfinder or even standard Dungeons & Dragons can be a tedious and time consuming project, often frustrating both of you to the point of stopping.

(Nobody wants this level of frustration!)

But lets face it.. kids PRETEND!  Kids play Dress Up! Kids grab a trash can and yell “I’m Captain America!”.  They tell stories in side of their little heads that make what us professional writers do pale in comparison. For them its reality for those few minutes of fun.

So… What if you could introduce them to Roleplaying games using an easy to learn, fun system that allows you to tell not only stories that line up with your Pathfinder or D&D Game, but Mutants and Masterminds, Traveler, Starfinder and StarJammer (coming soon folks) and more. Would that work for you and your child?

There are no limits to the imagination of a child, so why should you limit your game play to a single genre. The stories you read to them at night are not all about fairy tale princes and courageous lady warriors?

Introducing “Little Goblins”, an easy to learn, fun initiative that we are launching here at Fat Goblin Games today.  Although it is a bit away for the release, we wanted to put the logo, and the concept out there and generate some questions from you, our loyal fans about what you want to see in a kids game.

Little Goblins uses the Slumbertime System, created by the Fattest Goblin of all, Rick Hershey. With years of experience not only as a game designer and artist, but also as a father, his system is built to easily fit any genre and any time limit.

You will hear more about Rick’s amazing little system soon as we release snippits here and there leading up to launch. I will leave you with the text of the announcement that he made on facebook today.

We've been hinting at several big announcements we have coming up, and I'm going to go ahead and let one out of the bag. For years, we have been planning to do a line of products for kids, well we are. . . and a lot more.

Fat Goblin Games is happy to announce our new product line; Little Goblins. 
The Little Goblins line will provide material aimed at children for various systems, but that's not all. We'll also be launching our own system and setting called Slumberland. Slumberland is designed to allow little gamers to jump from genre to genre without the need to roll new characters, all while fighting against the same common enemy. From fantasy to superheroes, fairy tales, and popular cartoons, you'll be able to do it with Slumberland!

But that's not all, Little Goblins will also be launching a series of learning products for educators. And although these products will be sold directly to teachers and librarians, they will be available at our normal sales outlets for those wanting these amazing resources for their own children.

Expect to learn more about this expansion in the next few weeks on our blog. That said, we will be looking for additional writers, so if interested, make sure to contact us!”

Exciting times ahead ladies and gentlemen. Not only for the adult gamer, but for the kids as well!

Would you like to leave a comment? Please do so either here on the website or directly on our facebook page!  Let us know what you would like to see with Slumberland!

Good gaming!

Troy Daniels

Janitor – Fat Goblin Games


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