For the Hoarde! (Or Why We Misspell It)

Hello All,

Last Sunday, June 12th, marked the One Year Anniversary since The Fattest Goblin ran his 24-hour Design-A-Thon Challenge for a proposed game system Bastards & Battlefields. I’ll talk a bit more about that NEXT WEEK, because though that crazy, madcap 24-hrs didn’t lead to a specific book – it represents the first, serious, concerted effort between His FattnessThe Janitor, and I to work together, in conjunction, and at the same time, on the same project.

We did this by taking advantage of things like Google Hangouts and Google Docs/Drive which allows for real-time updates of working on writing, editing, just all-around collaboration of the process of creating RPGs. Before this, some of us had played with it some, and we had used similar, other tools like Dropbox or managing a private FGG Freelancer Fb page etc., but it was during this design challenge that we really realized how easy it was for us to communicate with eachother and coordinate. We “named” this Google Hangout the “We Three Bastards” and it has stuck – with we three joking calling ourselves “The Bastards of Fat Goblin Games.”

We had already been “increasing” our interaction and collaboration. In January of 2015, I had run an Open Call for Call to Arms writers and a big part of why I was able to take that on (while expanding into to other areas myself) was because The Janitor was going to help with some of the review process. If you look at Endzeitgeist’s reviews of my Call to Arms books, you’ll see him tracking some of this development as my books in 2014 were released and the quality of them overall improved.

Shortly after the Design-A-Thon ended, we opened up to all the freelancers that were currently working with us the option of joining a Fat Goblin Game Google Hangout. It was a space for We Three Bastards to bounce ideas around, make quick internal ‘open calls’ for development or writing, talk about industry matters with fellow RPG writers, editors, and developers, and even just BS about the geeky things we all love to chat about.

Then in the Fall of 2015, we really relied heavily on this room as we ramped up production of the now soon-to-be-released Shadows over Vathak: Player’s Guide. This thing is going to be coming in at a whopping 400+ pages, with support like every-single-class-in-mainline-Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (core, base, hybrid, occult, etc. everything except the alternate or unchained classes like antipaladin, samurai, and ninja) getting not just one but TWO class options, in addition to four new class options like the Fortune-teller, Disciple, Reanimator, and Soldier (an alt. fighter class). Needless to say then, it was a huge undertaking and we had, at the time, all dozen+ of the freelancers in that Google Hangout working on any number of aspects of it.

We also, around this same time, started working on some of our for-charity seasonal releases – books where no-single-author is going to get paid a dime (100% of profits were going to charity), so it everyone was kind of “working on it together” with no clear need to worry about % or payments because it was just all volunteer time in.

The convergence of these things resulted in We Bastards coming to want a simple shorthand for referring to the active body of freelancers we were tapping and working within the Google Hangout. A few names were joked about, but after a short time an obvious name rose to the top – the Fat Goblin’s Horde.

Playing off the classics of the “orcish horde” and even the “Mongol Horde,” it was a fitting name. But H-O-R-D-E far too commonly used a name in all of RPG’dom and geekdom in general (“For the Horde!”) and so the joke came along that these freelancers and the collective creative work they produced for us was the “real treasure” Fat Goblin Games possessed, so we joked maybe they should be the Fat Goblin Hoard, like a dragon’s treasure (another classic trope of RPG’dom).

Well, ever the wannabe wordsmith, and seeking something original but familiar, I mish-mashed the words together and settled on calling our group of active freelancers “The Goblin Hoarde.” It’s unique enough that a quick Google search mostly just brings up those times I’ve tagged it (along with a few times people don’t know how to spell horde I suspect). And it gets at both the idea that we have whole gaggle of freelance writers, editors, layout, design, artists, etc. at our beck-and-call, as well as hinting at how much we really do ‘treasure’ their working with us to produce the awesome products we make here at Fat Goblin Games, day in and day out.

To this end, and to further show our appreciation, The Fattest of Goblin has deemed us all worthy of original “portraits” with our active members getting individualized images of themselves stylized related to their roles here at Fat Goblin Games. We’ll also be forming a Fat Goblin Hoarde Facebook fan page, where we can post the latest and greatest news about our Hoardelings, such as recent reviews, new endeavors, and just anything else we deem fitting.

So keep your eyes open for the Fat Goblin Hoarde (or just Goblin Hoarde) tags on OBS sites like or DriveThruRPG, and please like and follow our Fb page.

You can see in Troy Daniel’s image above, aka The Janitor, that Rick’s decided to capture just what it is he does for us as a Project Manager and editor (i.e. clean it all up after we’ve made a mess of it).

And in this operatically-posed goblinoid, Rick wanted to show just how much I orate on and on, as I take 200 words to say what should have been done in 20 (like this 1,000+ word long blog-post!)

And as an added reason to want to follow us on this journey – we’re likely to be LOOKING FOR MORE FREELANCERS TO JOIN THE GOBLIN HOARDE VERY SOON! Announcements are likely to be posted to the Goblin Hoarde Fb page first for new freelancers, and with the plethora of planned announcements (like about our Little Goblin line for children) we’ll be needing to grow the Hoarde very soon.

Lucus Palosaari, Editor & Project Manager at Fat Goblin Games (Like us on Facebook!)

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  • Lucus says...

    True, true… fix made.

    June 23, 2016

  • WackyAnne says...

    Shouldn’t it be the Hoardelings? ;)

    June 19, 2016

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