Why I LOVE designing 5th Edition Races - GOBLINS!

I am sitting here staring at the latest work by Rick Hershey and I am just agog. Yes.. I said agog. (What the hell agog is.. not sure.. think it is a 2nd edition monster but more on that later).

Check out the detail, from the stitching on the shoulder armor to the faces on the plates and bracers.  This is NOT someone that you want to meet in a dark alley. What is worse is that it is a goblin, who hardly ever travel by themselves. Imagine meeting several of these in a dark alley?

Tomorrow we release our third 5th Edition Race book and I want to look back and tell you why I LOVE creating 5th edition races. But first.. let’s have a look at the cover I was talking about? As I look at the cover I also remember the words that Tony Petrecca put into this, his second volume for Fat Goblin Games in our 5th Edition Racial line.

“Most goblins are vile and malicious creatures motivated by greed and filled with anger and hatred. They are scornful and jealous of peoples larger, stronger, and more civilized than their tribes, but are afraid of direct confrontation with powerful foes. They relish the opportunity to wreak havoc on the weak and poorly defended amongst gentlefolk, and when victorious over the easy prey they choose they celebrate in tasteless glee.”

Right there that tells me that I am stepping on potentially dangerous ground here. I am not publishing a goody-two-shoes race that will blithely go around bonking orcs on the head while singing songs from Mary Poppins. Rick, Luke, and Fat Goblin Games are unleashing something dark to your 5th edition games. We put out Kobolds already and they were not nice. But goblins?

We started with Aasimar and I was lucky enough to write that one. I KNEW that Aasimar were already covered in the Dungeon Masters Guide, but I chose to completely ignore it. I wanted my own take on aasimar… something new. Not a re-hash and build up of something that had already been published. I had my fans for that decision, and I also had my detractors. “Why would I buy a book that has material that was already covered in the DMG?” someone asked.

Because they took a page and a half. I took 15. I broke Aasimar out of their tired shells and gave them wings darn it. Literally, as there is a racial feat in there that allows them to have wings!


Then Tony came along. You all know Tony right? Gold selling RPG author over at DMSGuild.com? Complete ninja when it comes to weaving a story in to rules and making everything work? Well he gave us Kobolds. These little trapmonkeys turned out to be a hoot to edit and even more fun to build a few of them.

Tony wasted no time though, wanting to tackle something bigger… and possibly a bit darker. Enter Goblins.  I hope you check them out in the next few days because they really are quite stunning…. And scary.

I wonder what this is attached to?

If you think that is awesome?  Next week you see Hobgoblins.. And after that… Bugbears. The entire goblinoid family laid out before you as playable races. Or perhaps the next big bad in your campaign. You decide!

I love designing 5th Edition races…: - )

Take care, and good gaming!

5th Edition Lead
Fat Goblin Games

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