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Happy Anniversary Legend of Zelda!

Welcome to a special edition of the 8-Bit Blog! Today’s special because on Feburary 21st, 1986, The Legend of Zelda was originally released in Japan on the Family Computer Disk System. It took over a year to bring it to the United States and Europe on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Legend of Zelda was a best-seller for Nintendo, and sold over 6.5 MILLION copies!

The Legend of Zelda was developed by Shingeru Miyamoto (as the director and producer), and Takashi Tezuka (story and script). Screenwriter Keiji Terui (Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball!) wrote the back-story in the manual. Miyamoto’s inspiration for the game came from exploring the woods near his home as a child, and that sense of excitement and adventure.


I remember going to the store to buy The Legend of Zelda, and seeing the golden cartridge in the packaging. I kind of miss that nostalgic look, and wish the newer games carried on that tradition. We know now that LoZ is a hit, but when it was originally released in Japan, there were lots of complaints about the game. It was hard, and people didn’t understand the concept of exploring the dungeons. Looking back, we know this was the best thing to do for the game franchise, which now has a total of 18 entries in the main franchise, and 15 non-canonical, or spin-off games on other systems. The characters of Link and/or Zelda can also be found in Super Smash Bros. series, Mario Kart 8, and Hyrule is featured in Sonic Lost World!



I Need Something Cool, Now!

Legend of Heroes

Welcome to 8-Bit Adventures! Do you yearn for a simpler time, when video games scrolled right and you only had to deal with 2 buttons at a time? An era where blocky, colorful, vaguely recognizable shapes made up heroes that battled odd and often confusing villains with little to no context? Then Fat Goblin Games has you covered!

Not only do you get an amazing 8-bit bestiary with iconic 8-bit monsters, spells, feats, iconic weapons, mini-adventures in classic 8-bit

worlds, and one iconic 8-bit map where these creatures play major roles! Take on the role of your favorite 8-bit hero and jump, hop, and climb your way through the various levels to do what else... save the day of course!

This product line is designed to take a nostalgic look at the iconic video games of the past and bring those adventures to life in your campaigns in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with all new options. Each volume will include monsters, magic items and maybe more! The names have been changed, but the flavor remains the same to ensure that the references are easy to see. Each volume will describe a different game world, each inspired by a classic game sure to inspire nostalgia in even the most hardened of veterans.

This volume covers the assault of the Cursed Warrior Droch-lann on the Kingdom of Highland. The Cursed Warrior has an army of monsters at his disposal, ranging from the lowly gripper up to Droch-lann himself. Most of the monsters presented here include optional variants to help encompass the vast array of foes found across the many landscapes of the Highland Kingdom. These foes provide a wealth of options to challenge parties of any level.

Unfortunately for the poor people of the Highland Kingdom, the Legendary Hero hasn’t risen. This means that your PCs are going to have to step up and help out! Luckily there are a variety of helpful items available, from the goblin poo stick and soup stone to the powerful leaf mask and saga stone. Everything you need to include these flavorful items into the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game can be found in this volume.

With power, strength, and wisdom; new heroes are born!


That’s it for this special. Be sure to come back next WedNESday for our regularly scheduled content.

Your pixilated GM,

8-Bit Ben

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