Research is not writing -- and Neither is Blogging!

Hello All,

Just a quick one today -- I'm a week+ behind on turning over a completed manuscript for the next vs. M Engine game, and I know I still have days worth of writing before me.

But it's Thursday, and Thursday means a blog! But here's the thing -- blogging isn't "publications" and that's what we all need more of, right? Fat Goblin Games has a lot of BIG projects on the various burners in our kitchen, but all of them need to be finished up, scrubbed up, and put on plates in pretty presentation to be served to you fine folk. 

As for me, and why I'm a week behind -- I recall a mantra drilled into my head during graduate studies at Michigan Tech -- "Research is not writing." And that's certainly been part of my problem. The current project is... research intensive, for good reason(s). But I need to stop letting myself get lost with 50 tabs open to answer a question like "how do you even pronounce that word?" 

Then again, I also am having to chime in that fact to various writers... yes, we want you to feel confident you got the best rules language, you are making it as simulationist as possible, or that's a fascinating fact about the "true origins of the XYZ in D&D" but what we need is words on the page!

And with that, I'm back to it!

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