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Grab-Bag of Goodness -- GM's Day Sale, New Stock Artist for Maps, & MORE!

Grab-Bag of Goodness -- GM's Day Sale, New Stock Artist for Maps, & MORE!

Hello All,

Today's blog is going to be a grab bag, covering a number of topics. First up!

GM's Day Sale On Now!

Saturday, March 4th is GM's Day! Started in 2002, it's a day dedicated to celebrating those that run our games of tabletop, and most companies like to cash-in with GM's Day Sales! (that last a week+)

So, on OBS sites like, you can find almost all our products (imprints too!) marked down 30%, and you can find the same on OpenGamingStore as well! The Fattest Goblin had The Janitor set up a similar 50% off sale on our store too. Use the code GMSALE on to get 50% off your total order, good through 03/15/2017.

Also, last year in honor of GM's Day, which is also the anniversary of Gary Gygax's passing, The Fattest Goblin made this tribute piece available PWYW (including free):

Speaking of The Fattest Goblin's Art...

Rick Hershey's Art Rates for 2017

You can download a free copy of Rick Hershey's Art Rates for 2017 today and start planning using some original pieces to help augment your stock art from Fat Goblin Games today! And while we're on about Stock Art...

New Stock Art Maps!

We've got some new blood here at Fat Goblin Games delivering even more incredible stock art -- this time some wonderful isometric stock maps, like these lovely pieces:

And on the matter of "fresh blood"...

Still Looking for That Shadows over Vathak Line Developer

We've had some really great applicants so far after our announcement for the Line Developer position last week, but we'll still be taking new applications for at least another week or so -- SO YOU STILL HAVE TIME!

The "And More"

We've got a lot more going on here at Fat Goblin Games of course, from new products like RPCheese (more on that in a future blog) and dipping our toes into the Starjammer Roleplaying Game compatible field, to we're trying to help organize a Bundle in support of Liz Court's Section 15 IndieGoGo campaign, to so much more. You'll just need to be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date!

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