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Antikthon -- Shared World of Fat Goblin Games' Settings Shadows over Vathak, Steampunk Musha, and More!

Antikthon -- Shared World of Fat Goblin Games' Settings Shadows over Vathak, Steampunk Musha, and More!

Hello All,

So back on Feb 23rd, I posted about how we were looking for a Line Developer for Shadows over Vathak (we should be finalizing paperwork soon!). Tucked in there, you may have missed this little gem all about Antikthon, our "Shared World" for the settings of Shadows over Vathak, Steampunk Musha, and Neiyar.


Antikthon — the World of Fat Goblin Games

The Fattest Goblin Himself-Himself, Rick Hershey, has had both the settings of Shadows over Vathak and Steampunk Musha in various forms of development and production for nearly a decade. For him, these two settings had always been on a shared planetoid, and we’re now making that much more clearly true by developing fully the world of Antikthon.

At present, we have our own Shadows over Vathak setting, which has been revised with our Shadows over Vathak: Player’s Guide. SoV can be summated as:

 Shadows over Vathak blends the Otherworldly, Cosmic Horror themes of New England's Lovecraft, the Macabre Mysteries of Poe, and the sensibilities of Victorian, Gothic Horror Adventure into an original fantasy setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

The other line, long in development, and finally seeing its first major re-release under its new Line Developer Rodney Sloan in the next month is the Steampunk Musha setting:

Where Industrialization and Tradition Collide in an Asian-Inspired Fantasy Setting

Steampunk Musha is a setting in conflict with itself, seeking balance. Ancient traditions developed in natural isolation from other cultures are put at odds with an industrial revolution imported by outsiders from beyond the sea. A war-torn land enjoys a cold-war’s peace as the rulers of a dozen city-states vie to reform a once golden empire to their liking; some choosing tradition and magic, while others choose science and technology, and others still stranger things. New lines are being drawn as the uneasy peace is tested time and again as even the individual becomes caught in the confluence of a land in revolution.

Jason Owen Black has been working as the Line Developer for the island of Neiyar:

<<art direction undetermined, so sorry -- no art yet!>>

 Neiyar is a land on the edge of turmoil. The collapse of the unifying Neiyaraja Empire has left people unsure of what to expect. Stability and tradition are of great importance in a land where merely surviving is difficult, and that stability has usually come in the form of one great empire after another. The unraveling of Neiyaraja has granted room to new powers and old dangers, and behind it all an ancient war for the very souls of Neiyar’s people threatens everything. Set on a vast jungle island and inspired by tales and legends from the Indian subcontinent, Neiyar is a land in need of heroes.

Neiyar is based on an old setting by a different company, but its not only being updated to use the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game but also to "fit" our Shared World of Antikthon.

Antikthon & Beyond

Beyond these three currently-in-active-development settings, we have various plans to still flesh out our Kingdoms of Sand setting inspired by the great, ancient civilizations of the Nile River and Fertile Crescent river valleys, as well as our own take on the popular “pirate” setting, a more classic Western setting, and many more!

And we're hoping to "explain" how you CAN do cross setting adventures, but you don't NEED to. I've been joking with a few people in the Hoarde about a "very special party" of a Wretched from Shadows over Vathak, a Clockwork Ronin from Steampunk Musha, a Samsaran of Neiyar, and so forth. 

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