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UPDATES! The Ultra-Mega Bundle ENDS Nov 13th, and Both Shadows over Vathak & vs. Moon Men Updates!

UPDATES! The Ultra-Mega Bundle ENDS Nov 13th, and Both Shadows over Vathak & vs. Moon Men Updates!

Hello All,

First and foremost -- did you know Fat Goblin Games is running their Fat Goblin Hoarde's Hoard Bundle (read all about why we are doing it in this link), of over 250+ books for only $30 on and RIGHT NOW? 

But it only lasts until November 13th! SO GET YOUR COPY TODAY!

As always, this bundle represents Our Past, but you can also be part of Our Future by joining the Goblin Army Patreon!

Shadows over Vathak

Shadows over Vathak: Player's Guide is officially "off to the printers" -- or rather, The Fattest Goblin has finalized an exclusive cover for the print version of the book (after doing one last update of the text, pushing the book up to 451 pages!), meant to mimic the style of the primary holy text of the Church of the One True God, The Codex Seprenious.

With these last steps being done for The Player's Guide, our attention moves on to the Shadows over Vathak: GameMaster's Guide and its companion book, Horrors of Vathak -- which will be one-part bestiary, one-part expanded rules (especially in relation to monsters, haunts, and the like). But as I begin the design set up the outline and work to finalize the pieces included are the specific either rules OR even bits of lore that you, our Shadows over Vathak fans, would expect/demand/like to know? Feedback on our Shadows over Vathak Facebook page will be the best way to "let us know" though replying to this blog or posting on our main page also would work, be it with a post or with a private message.

vs. Moon Men

 We also have news on vs. Moon Men (available now in PDF)! The Fattest of Goblins has finished that book for print, and so both it and Shadows over Vathak: Player's Guide will be available Print-on-Demand by the end of the month!

I've talked and previewed a very little of vs. Moon Men before, but writer Jason Owen Black is going to be doing one of the Q&As with Dan Davenport, the Hardboiled GMShoe. He'll be chatting with Dan and anyone else that shows up on Thursday, Nov. 17th, 2016 at 7 pm CST - 9 pm CST. You can join that chat room anytime here: Or you can join Jason's Public Facebook event here!

Jason also wrote a short adventure for our vs. Ghosts line, so if you're  fan of vs. M Engine games and want to see what his work is like before you buy vs. Moon Men, you can pick up his The Talking Board adventure for only $1!

Lucus Palosaari on, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn -- and now on Amazon!

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Lucus Palosaari Q&A LIVE Tonight (7 pm - 9 pm CST) about Our Goblin Army!

Lucus Palosaari Q&A LIVE Tonight (7 pm - 9 pm CST) about Our Goblin Army!

Hello All, 

Tonight, Thursday October 27th, 2016, at 7 pm Central time till roughly 9 pm Central, I've been invited to participate in an Q&A session -- which you can link any time to the chatroom here: or if you're finding this out after the fact, read the collected chat here on The Hardboiled GMShow's Office.

I did one of these back in July for vs. Ghosts (which is ON SALE now on, BUT I also suggest you go take part in their Halloween Trick'or'Treat event ;) ), which you can read the transcript from here!

THIS TIME I want to talk to you about what Fat Goblin Games is up to, especially about our Goblin Army Patreon, as well as our Goblin Hoarde's Hoarde Bundle (still available on our website, but soon available on One BookShelf sites like and DriveThruRPG

YOU MISSED THE CHAT? Don't Fret -- read the transcript here:


Lucus Palosaari, A 'Bastard' of Fat Goblin Games

Last time I did this, I had a whole brief spiel about myself and how I got into writing RPGs, but you can go read that there if you care. 

The 'key' bit is that I am now an Editor & Project Manager for Fat Goblin Games on a vast array of previous, current, and planned products from supporting our Call to Arms line for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, our new releases in the Castle Falkenstein game from R. Talsorian, all our vs. M Engine games from vs. Ghosts & vs. Stranger Stuff to upcoming vs. Moon Men & vs. Præternatural, and so much more.

This enviable position makes me one of We Three Bastards (which is how Rick, Troy, and I refer to ourselves -- find out why we use these names HERE!) and we're in charge of our freelancers, whom we call The Goblin Hoarde, and we're not trying to 'raise' a Goblin Army of Fans via Patreon!

The Fat Goblin Army of Patreon

Join Our Patreon Here! 

The basic pitch from when we ran our Bundle last month (KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED FOR THE BUNDLE ON OBS SITES -- Follow us on Facebook to know when we run it!):

It’s a reality of the tabletop RPG “industry” that it is hard to make money. There’s a reason we have endless Kickstarters and always ongoing discussions of what a fair wage for freelance writers is or what it should cost for RPG art. We not only want to make a living, for ourselves and for our freelancers, “doing this” -- we NEED to.

There is also the idea of the 1,000 True Fans. You can find many think-pieces about it, but the simple idea is that if you can convince a small but dedicated army of fans to be willing to invest in you and your creative endeavors, you can be remarkably successful. For our industry, we don’t need even 1,000 (though that would be amazing!), even 100 True Fans would make a world of difference to the products we can and do produce. And so, this along with so many other things, have lead us to try something a little different: Our Goblin Army Fan Club Patreon!

And from our Patreon Page:

This Patreon is for die-hard Fat Goblin Games fans who want to see — and get involved with —the madness of creating awesome roleplaying games. We want this to be something that completely absorbs you in all things Fat Goblin Games.
By becoming a member of our Goblin Army (as a patron to Fat Goblin Games), you allow us to be able to dedicate to our Goblin Hoarde (the writers, editors, artists, and developers of FGG) the resources needed to:
  • Support existing product lines, speed up the up production, and offer the Hoarde better rates.
  • Tempt new and well known talent to join the Hoarde.
  • New projects and product lines.
Alongside this we will be bringing you into our "inner circle" of design and development. Ever wondered how many crazy ideas the Fattest Goblinpitches a day? Our process on creating art? How we make each book from start to finish?

There are other perks to being in the Goblin Army as well: regular Q&A chats (which can be about anything), sharing of in-house resources (style guides for Pathfinder & 5e development, templates for book styles, etc.), drawing your likeness (or that of your loved ones) into products, and a whole lot more!

So, if you are a fan of Fat Goblin Games and ready to join the Goblin Army— WE WANT YOU!

Patreons are becoming much more popular too in our industry, with not just people like LPJ "talking" about Patreons, if they're the "Next Kickstarter" and their Pro's and Con's etc.

For instance, you can follow all these lovely (and often important Patreons, for at least some fields):

Most of those are dedicated to creation of 'content' which we wanted to try to do something "different" and basically have two major levels: the Enlisted lets say and then the Freebooters. If you look at our tiers, we have $1 - $3 - & $5 levels which I'm referring here to as "Enlisted" which are more casual fans that would like to get some free content and see some behind-the-scenes things, but it's the $10 - $15 - $20 - & $30 levels I think of as our "Freebooters" -- because they're all part of our Fat Goblin Games Freelancer Bootcamp.

I wrote an extensive blog about what that is (and what it is NOT) you can read here, so let me talk about the Enlisted for a moment.

$1 -- Goblin Patriot! Thanks for supporting the Goblin Army at Fat Goblin Games! 
  • Announcements and company updates!
  • Our endless love!
$3 -- Low-life Mercenary! Thanks for the support! You'll receive general news and updates.

  • 1 free monthly product worth at least $3.
  • Can vote on new products, product lines, etc.
  • Beta Reader! Exclusive access to projects in-development with ability to suggest and comment on the projects direction!
$5 -- Grunt! Welcome to the Goblin Army! You get everything mentioned in previous levels.
  • Previews and freebies!
  • Insights from the Fattest Goblin on product ideas.
  • Samples, sketches, and other content.
  • Q&A's with Fat Goblin Game staff, etc.
  • Exclusive Offers and Giveaways! 

It is our hope to grow this group, as well as the Freebooters, to try to get people that "really like what we are doing" to get some idea of what's going on in the industry, what it takes to make an RPG product, how someone like Rick decides on projects and does his artwork, etc.

We also hope that by giving early access to images, the chance to be drawn in, to beta read books in development, and get the chance to vote on the direction of the company and its products we might get at least say "100 True Fans" of what we make -- and that would transform a lot of things for Fat Goblin Games.

"What I mean" by all this is the point of the discussion and Q&A tonight, so I'm going to leave it off here! Please, wont you join us?

Lucus Palosaari on, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn -- and now on Amazon!

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