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Thank You & a "Why We Do It" Picture to Make Your Day

Thank You & a "Why We Do It" Picture to Make Your Day

Hello All,

A few days ago, The Fattest Goblin send out a newsletter that explained the bind we were in, and your response and support has been welcomed -- so thank you all!

That sale mentioned in the newsletter, a deep discount on the Shadows over Vathak: Player's Guide, continues till the end of the weekend -- and especially as its a discount on the Print-on-Demands too, you might want to pick up copies now!

This is the Hardcover Print Exclusive cover, you can only have if you do a copy!

And so thank you to everyone picking up our products! But thank you also to everyone that's reached out, in public and in private, to talk about us and their favorite products, and suggesting "this is one of the good ones (game publishers)" etc. Its been very welcome here and it helps, it really does. There is a serious consideration to "profit" (this has to be a business, after all, or you're going to get a very different level of 'quality') but I also really quickly wanted to discuss how that "other side" matters to.

I think that any game designer has a special hope -- that they can be part of a "moment" for a gaming group. These moments are one of the things that's hard to explain to the non-gamers, and its -- while not unique per se to tabletop roleplaying -- its something that is more likely to come up I think than in some other mediums. 

Those moments are hard to explain, but a friend recently posted a picture a player of his took just as a their rogue (a new player herself to the game) rolled their third Natural 1 of the night! This friend is a "new" gamemaster, someone that didn't grow up playing and I don't think even got to play many games under anyone else before taking on the mantle and role of being the referee for the all-new players he's got. But I think you can see, in at least his expression, a kind of genuine joy that is a big part of what every designer, writer, publisher, etc. hopes a product they work on helps to facilitate:

[Used with permission, thanks Nate!]

I know a gotten to see a number of private messages to us here at Fat Goblin Games, and I I just wanted to thank you all for the support and I hope we've been able to help you enjoy a few special moments too!

Lucus Palosaari on DriveThruRPGFacebookTwitterGoogle+ & LinkedIn -- and now on Amazon!

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One Dollar ($1) Sale Now On Till Monday!

One Dollar ($1) Sale Now On Till Monday!

Hello All,

I thought of many different ways to say this but in short -- we have a $1 Sale on most of our products over on DriveThruRPG/!

We've got sales on...

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible Products

5th Edition Fantasy Compatible Products

Our full line of 5th Edition Fantasy books is on sale, including:

  • 7 different race books for Kobolds and Kitsune and much more!
  • 6 "Expanded Options" that bring new rules options to specific aspects of the game
  • And other new options for things like Alchemy, Weapons and Armor, and Ritual Magic!
  • And our new Creature Card Catalog cards!

Old School Revival Titles

All 7 of our Old School Revival books (from Labyrinth Lord to DCC RPG) are on sale (but don't take the deal from me, listen to Tenkar really sell you on the idea!

System Neutral GM Resources

All our GM Journals are on sale too! From the Worldbuilding Journal to the Starlog, you can get numerous resources to help you organize your game for just $1 each!

And So Many Other Things Too!!!

And then there are things like 16 of our vs. M Engine products, from the vs. Ghosts line of RPG and adventures to our vs. Stranger Stuff books where you play as a Kid in the 80's!

Even a lot of The Fattest Goblin's art assets and stock art are only $1!

Its also a good time to pick up our Shadows over Vathak backstock as we'll be rolling out all new products in that line very soon!


Lucus Palosaari on DriveThruRPG, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn -- and now on Amazon!


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