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One Dollar ($1) Sale Now On Till Monday!

One Dollar ($1) Sale Now On Till Monday!

Hello All,

I thought of many different ways to say this but in short -- we have a $1 Sale on most of our products over on DriveThruRPG/!

We've got sales on...

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible Products

5th Edition Fantasy Compatible Products

Our full line of 5th Edition Fantasy books is on sale, including:

  • 7 different race books for Kobolds and Kitsune and much more!
  • 6 "Expanded Options" that bring new rules options to specific aspects of the game
  • And other new options for things like Alchemy, Weapons and Armor, and Ritual Magic!
  • And our new Creature Card Catalog cards!

Old School Revival Titles

All 7 of our Old School Revival books (from Labyrinth Lord to DCC RPG) are on sale (but don't take the deal from me, listen to Tenkar really sell you on the idea!

System Neutral GM Resources

All our GM Journals are on sale too! From the Worldbuilding Journal to the Starlog, you can get numerous resources to help you organize your game for just $1 each!

And So Many Other Things Too!!!

And then there are things like 16 of our vs. M Engine products, from the vs. Ghosts line of RPG and adventures to our vs. Stranger Stuff books where you play as a Kid in the 80's!

Even a lot of The Fattest Goblin's art assets and stock art are only $1!

Its also a good time to pick up our Shadows over Vathak backstock as we'll be rolling out all new products in that line very soon!


Lucus Palosaari on DriveThruRPG, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn -- and now on Amazon!


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Fat Goblin Games 2016 Round Up -- How Far We've Come, How Far Yet To Go!

Fat Goblin Games 2016 Round Up -- How Far We've Come, How Far Yet To Go!

Fat Goblin Games has had a productive year, releasing over 200 products in the 366 days of this past year (yay, Leap Year!).

Of those products, around 55 of them (~27.5%) were for various Imprints like Abandoned Arts. Around 80 of them have been (or will be, one or two are scheduled to still drop before Dec 31st, 2016) various forms of Stock Art or similar products (~40%). That leaves at least 65 releases just from Fat Goblin Games proper.

All of those products lead to ~2,700 pages between those 120 books (the 55 Abandoned Arts + 65 Fat Goblin Games), for an average of 22.5 pages per release -- so not all were "small books." Dropping even our massive 840 pages from the Worldbuilding Journal (one of our most popular products this year!), we're at ~1,860 pages or an average of 15.5 pages. Hell, even removing the 450 pages of the Shadows over Vathak Player's Guide (~1,410 pages), we're still hitting 11.75 pages on average.

2016 was also the year of us expanding out beyond the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game & Stock Art, with 15 releases for 5th Edition Fantasy, and 12 releases for the vs. M Engine system (like vs. Ghosts, vs. Moon Men, & vs. Stranger Stuff, with adventures for all of them), and even a few for OSRs and system neutral games.

Possibly one of our proudest achievements though is our official reviving of the R. Talsorian Castle Falkenstein game and setting, with an official endorsement! With two books out the door, and sales improving, we're looking to do full support for Castle Falkenstein with both large and small releases coming in 2017 (read all about that here).

This is all to say that while 2016 was a remarkable year for Fat Goblin Games, "you ain't seen nothing yet."

Expect to see a lot more from us going into 2017, as we both support our existing lines and systems and expand out into releasing all new ones!

Thank you for all you've done for us, it's what keeps us doing this for you!

Lucus Palosaari on, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn -- and now on Amazon!

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12 Days of Sales for Fat Goblin Games!

12 Days of Sales for Fat Goblin Games!

Hello All,

We're already on The Tenth Day of Sales, but you can still pick up every release going forward as they become available!

Sales in RED are active now! Comeback each day to see the next!

The First Day of Christmas -- Call to Arms

Every Call to Arms Book for only $1 Each!

Call to Arms is a bookline for players and gamemasters alike. Each book focuses on a different type of item, expanding rules for those items and adding everything from new mundane and magical examples of the item to new character options related to the item.

The Second Day of Christmas -- Labyrinth Lord

Every Labyrinth Lord OSR Book for only $1 Each!

The Third Day of Christmas -- Race Book Bundle

A Single Bundle for only $5 of ALL our Race Books

(for Pathfinder & 5th Edition Fantasy)

The Fourth Day of Christmas -- Traveler's Guide to Hell

Our Traveler's Guide to Hell for $1,

the official Hell of the Shadows over Vathak setting.

Welcome to Hell.

Come along with our intrepid guide as he explores the myriad layers of Hell in all of its glory. Written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this guide not only visits, but delves deep into the history, legends, and horrors that is the darkest and most deadliest of realms.

The Pits - Check out the worlds within worlds of Hell and visit Cocior, Belocor, Neir and other hellish realms.

Hierarchy of the Pit - Find out who the true rulers of Hell are and what motivates the likes of Baalzebul, Belphegor, the lovely and deadly Malfia and many more!

Tools of Hell - The crunch of the book! Learn about the various ways to arm yourself in Hell with new feats, magical items and spells to rock even the strongest of Archdukes.

Classes of Hell - Thirteen hellish archetypes await you including the Contractor (Wizard), Tongue of Sin (Bard), Nemesis (Inquisitor) and the unique Prestige Class, the Blood Knight.

If your party is going to Hell, then they need a guide. Fat Goblin's Travel Guide to Hell is that important manuscript for any adventuring party looking to take the ultimate plunge!

The Fifth Day of Christmas -- Stock Art Sale


All of our Publisher's Choice Stock Art and Templates for $1 each!

Including our Fantasy InDesign Template (regularly $14.95)

The Sixth Day of Christmas -- CLASSified


Every CLASSified book for only $1 each!

 The CLASSified product line from Fat Goblin Games is devoted to bringing you a new and exciting base class for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and includes complete rules for a single class or archetype and an assortment of other rules to bring your characters to life.

The Seventh Day of Christmas -- Fungal Kingdom


Both Welcome to the Fungal Kingdom and Fungifolk are available for only $1 each!

Welcome to the Fungal Kingdom!

Welcome to 8-Bit Adventures! Do you yearn for a simpler time, when video games scrolled right and you only had to deal with 2 buttons at a time? An era where blocky, colorful, vaguely recognizable shapes made up heroes that battled odd and often confusing villains with little to no context? Then Fat Goblin Games has you covered!
Not only do you get an amazing 8-bit bestiary with over 15 iconic 8-bit monsters, you get 11 mini-adventures in classic 8-bit worlds where these creatures play major roles! Take on the role of your favorite 8-bit hero and jump, hop, and climb your way through the various levels to do what else... rescue the Princess of course!
This product line is designed to take a nostalgic look at the iconic video games of the past and bring those adventures to life in your campaigns in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with all new options. Each volume will include monsters, magic items and maybe more! The names have been changed, but the flavor remains the same to ensure that the references are easy to see. Each volume will describe a different game world, each inspired by a classic game sure to inspire nostalgia in even the most hardened of veterans.
This volume covers the incursion of the Turtle Legions into the peaceful Fungal Kingdoms. The Turtle Legions have a variety of lethal troops at their disposal, ranging from the lowliest CR 1/2 wrenchy raccoons all the way up to the imposing Turtle King himself, weighing in at a whopping CR 15. Most of the monsters included present optional variants to help encompass the vast array of foes found across the many incarnations of the Fungal Kingdom. These foes provide a wealth of options to challenge parties of any level.

The Eighth Day of Christmas -- vs. M Engine


All our vs. M Engine Products (except the all new Krampusnacht adventure) are available for $1 each!

The Ninth Day of Christmas -- Warlock & Drow

Our Warlock class book and Return of the Drow Books are all $1 each!

The Tenth Day of Christmas -- Worldbuilding Journals


A Bundle of All our GM Journals for $10!

The Eleventh Day of Christmas -- 5th Edition Fantasy


All of our 5th Edition Fantasy products are available for $1 each!

The Twelfth Day of Christmas -- Shadows over Vathak

Come back December 23rd for a link!

And Much More!

If you do the quick math, you'll realize all these sales run till Dec 23rd! The Fattest Goblin has something extra special planned for December 24th (Christmas Eve) and December 25th (Christmas Day) -- so be sure to take a moment away from the family and friends to check out those great deals too! 

Lucus Palosaari on, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn -- and now on Amazon!

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The Gamemaster's Journal Line Plans

The Gamemaster's Journal Line Plans

Hello All,

About four weeks ago, I was writing about (and gave a preview of) The Fattest Goblin's latest endeavour, The Gamemaster's Worldbuilding Journal. In the month or so since then, it's sold amazingly well and we've started to expand it into a full line of books from Fat Goblin Games:

The next in the line from His Fattness Himself-Himself is The Gamemaster's Allies and Adversaries Journal

 Welcome to The Gamemaster’s Allies and Adversaries Journal created by Fat Goblin Games. This product is designed as a blank journal for you to catalog all the various non-player characters you’ve created for your campaign world. The book is broken down into 6 chapters:
Major Non-player Characters is for those important NPCs. World-shaking villains, emperors and kings, and mighty wizards. These are the types of characters that shape the lands and it’s people for good or bad.
Minor Non-player Characters are important, but typically on a more personal level. They can be allies and family to the player characters, local adversaries and royalty, or just the local innkeeper.
General Non-player Characters are characters that are minor in your campaign, but the players will often meet more than once. These can be travelling merchants, town guards, woodland hermits, talking animals, and so forth.
Simple Non-player Characters are typically one-time encounters or spare personalities you can use in a pinch. Store owners, travellers at the inn, citizens of a village, and anything else you might have created or think you might need one game.
Guilds & Organizations is a catch all for any groups that several NPCs might belong, such as thieves guilds, royal families, adventuring parties, tribes, etc.
The Family Tree section provides several blank forms for characters and NPCs that have important family ties to others in the setting. These are Simple, but space is given to expand.
Thank you for picking up this book and we hope you enjoy.

So you can clearly see what each of these sections include, Major NPCs are given a two-page spread...

... with Minor NPCs having basically the same categories, but only one-page to fit it all in,...

... with general NPCs being two entries to a page,...


... and for those quick and dirty Simple NPCs you have the following:


The Guilds & Organizations have fewer pages, but a similar Major - Minor - Standard - Simple design, but the Family Tree is the fun "extra" that I think is especially neat in this book!


The book is currently only available in a few, simple PDF formats, but we're just waiting for the print-proofs and for The Janitor to get the form-fillable version 100% and we'll be offering those with what other PDFs we have now!

But What's Next?

In the next week or two, The Fattest of All Goblins should be getting his The Gamemaster's Monster Memoir ready for release. It will be a full bestiary journal for gamemasters to chronicle their own monstrous creations.

And by the end of the month, we should have The Gamemaster's Galactic Record, our space/sci-fi version of the Worldbuilders Journal covering the cosmos.

After that, we have 'ideas" but nothing is settled. What we'd really to know is what YOU, the customer, would like? Let us know here or on Facebook or any number of ways!

Lucus Palosaari on, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn -- and now on Amazon!

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Fat Goblin Games BIGGEST Project Yet

Fat Goblin Games BIGGEST Project Yet

“This tremendous world I have inside of me. How to free myself, and this world, without tearing myself to pieces. And rather tear myself to a thousand pieces than be buried with this world within me.”
Franz Kafka, Diaries of Franz Kafka

Hello All,

For you all, it started with The Fattest Goblin Vaguebooking:

For The Janitor & I though, it started a month or more ago with what might as well have been another madding burble from His Greatest Fatness of Goblinkind whilst working diligently on the 400+ page epic that will be the Shadows over Vathak: Player's Guide. He posted to our private chatroom about "What if we made a massive tome that was like a journal for you to do all the world-building you need in for your one homebrew?" 

Ever fearful of the beatings that may come, we both agreed it sounded like a grand idea, and shortly after a fairly brief discussion, the matter seemed to slid on as so many things do. That is, until Himself-Himself sent us the massive file for his behemoth 1,050 page The Gamemaster's Worldbuilding Journal:

A Design Journal for Fantastical Worlds and Imaginative Realms

It is a journal, as in a blank book with spaces for you to fill-in what is in your world or your version of the world. The extent of the "text" is a brief intro by His Fatness:

But, despite it not being any kind "instructional aid to world-building" (we assure you, plenty of those texts exist), it does provide an aid in the form of having spaces and charts and text-blocks for all the types of "things" which you would need to populate and explore your world. For instance, Chapter 1 is a world overview.

With Chapter 1 itself looking like the following:

Chapters 2 - 11 of the book (in the 1,050 pg version, a smaller 840 pg is also being considered for quality purposes, and will have two fewer chapters) are the same as they focus on regions and detailing realms, cities, NPCs etc. Each of these country chapters will be 92 pages long.

And they will look something like this:

You may have noted those red and green triangles -- each chapter has a "color code" and those portions will actually align with the outer edge of the book, for ease of referencing chapters etc.

The final chapter of the book covers some other topics that you may have in your world:

With that chapter beginning like so:

And least you believe this be some mere PDF-only type product, you will be able to get this massive volume in PRINT! Whether the final print version will be 1,050 pages or the "more modest" 840 pages has to do with The Fattest Goblin's approval of the print-copies. He has them both being shipped to his home, and he intends to compare their quality (840 seems to be the maximum hardcover size using one type of paper, 1,050 is the size for a different paper). 

Now, for those that get the PDF version, we have some special plans as well. First off, the PDF will be form-fillable, meaning if you fear your terrible handwriting, you will be able to use a program like Adobe Acrobat to just type in all the requisite information, and you can print it off if you like.

Additionally, in case yours is a world much smaller or MUCH, MUCH LARGER than the book we are providing, you will get access to individual versions of forms and sheets, so that you could fill out 50 NPCs for your city instead of just the dozen or so we provide space for. 

This final product, depending on print-quality of size we go with, will range from $50 to $75 for final copy, with the PDF being a relative price. The Fattest Goblin has his two different proof copies en route, and once he has a chance to approve of whichever he prefers, these books should be available to you all (likely next week!)

Lucus Palosaari on, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn

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